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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fall morning in the Kootenays

Yesterday morning, peeking around the corner of our house.
(Click to see larger)

Gorgeous! Love the low clouds.
Aaaahhh... so very lovely. If you squint, you'll see a teeny little tent on the big hill. That's where me, BabyGirl, and Hubby will be living as we flee the insanity of America.
wow, pretty. I can just smell the fresh piney smell here!! (ah memories of Beautiful British Columbia..sigh)
It is time to get the single malt out, wrap it carefully and give the Hobbit a kick in thy ass to take ajourney. Perhaps I will arrive before the first snow.
Lovely picture Gary!
Oh, I forgot to ask. Does that mountain range go North South, or East West???
A lovely photo, the perfect getaway, not far from your door?, and is their traces of gold ? the remnants of long gone fossickers in those Kootenays-Rockies ? You could build a mud brick, log cabin retreat for visits /visitors Gary !!ha ha
Best wishes!
You're all welcome to visit! If you come at once, we can start a tent city in the field. Big bonfires, poetry readings, rants to the moon, Zee's single malt...could be fun.

Zee - those are the Selkirk Mountains and they mostly go north to south, but in that view they are mostly east to west.Below the low clouds is Kootenay Lake - about 100 miles long, deep and cold.

Lindsay - indeed the first settlers to arrive were looking for gold. They found some too, but mostly found lead, zinc and silver. Then the logged. Now they ski and fish.

The Ktunaxa people are known to have been in the area for at least 7,000 years. They mostly left mother earth alone and enjoyed the bounty of fish, animals and plants. I have found a number of their arrowheads and tools on a nearby sandy spit of land.
I'm so jealous...you wake up to that beauty daily! And you know all I'm thinking really is how much open space there is for Jackie to explore. Yes, yes, I do need my head examined. :) Good Morning.

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