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Thursday, October 12, 2006

One more post on Military Commissions Act (I'll stop soon)

I wish I could say everyone's work to keep human rights in the forefront in the US were successful. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 passed. Bad policy has now become bad law.

With endorsement from Congress, the US administration can now hold people without charge, without trial, indefinitely. Past violations of the War Crimes Act have been rubber stamped, the administration absolved of prosecution in the U.S. Not only has the definition of "enemy combatant" been dangerously broadened, those so designated have been stripped of their right to challenge the legality of their detention. The bill also includes a loophole that could allow the President to define torture as "alternative interrogation" techniques. Given the history of this administration, there is no reason to believe that torture won't continue.

Don't stop speaking out. Don't stop asking congressional candidates where they stand on this. When human rights are trashed in the name of freedom and security - well, let's just say that Orwell's book 1984 has been surpassed and then some.

Action (for my American visitors particularly): SIGN THE AMERICA I BELIEVE IN PLEDGE (here)

The America I Believe In doesn't torture people or use cruel, inhumane treatment. . . doesn't hold people without charge, without fair trials, without hope, and without end. . .doesn't kidnap people off the street and ship them to nations known for their brutality. . .doesn't condone prisoner abuse and excuse high-ranking government officials from responsibility for that abuse. . .doesn't justify the use of secret prisons. . .and does not rob people of their basic dignity.

I'm joining with Amnesty International USA to restore The America I Believe In. The America I Believe In leads the world on human rights.

I'm committing to tell friends and family about the campaign. I'm also committing to contacting my members of Congress and my local media to tell them that the America I Believe In defends human rights and justice for all.

Don't stop now.
Thanks Brian - that's all I needed. Hell no, I won't stop!
Done. Signed in my name and in Hubby's... and sent it on to many others. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Gary. We in the US need to transplant your Canadian spine into soooo many Americans.
I just had to cover the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 in my history class, but I was thinking more of current events and how Mark Twain said that history doesn't repeat itself but it does rhyme. It's rhyming here.
Gary, I signed the pledge but received a message "unexpected error has occured" after I clicked "submit". I tried again with same results. I'll return later and try again. Thank you for your very good work.
Thank goodness’ there is still the guiding candle light of Amnestity to protest against these laws. The United sates has lost creditability with the rest of the world, its laws contravene international justice and violate human rights. It seems you cannot debate torture with this administration, but ultimately it will ruin its reputation in the world and endanger its allies.
And what about the aftermath, Anti –Terrorism Laws are being enacted that enable those imprisoned and untried to be held for questioning; now forming part of the political landscape in Canada and Australia.
Maybe we both need – “A Human Rights Act “. And it all reverts back to unjustifiable fear, a totally disproportionate response to what in our respective countries represents an almost non-existent problem. Lookout for the sledgehammers, welded by the politicians, they are working away drilling into our democracies.
Best wishes
Ditto on the 'don't stop'. Aren't you part of the bloggers against torture btw? You CAN'T stop, so there.
Will sign it and thanks for bringing it to our attention,
I signed. As one of the BAT members and a 2006 Blogathon participant, there's no way I'm giving up the fight.
Done and thanks. Amnesty usually sends me these things but hadn't seen it yet.

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