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Monday, November 06, 2006

Winter has arrived - my mind is elsewhere...

Okay, it's snowed here already and there is a lot of snow on the mountains that surround us. Some people claim to love winter...they just can't wait to play in the snow. (Most children fit this categoary as I once did.)

I'm a proud Canadian, but I've managed to live winters out at various times in my life in:
I didn't miss the snow in a single one of those journeys. In honour of winter I offer a couple of photos from a visit to La Manzanilla Mexico last winter (village of 1200 souls on the Pacific coast). Click to see larger.

Sunset from our deck

Fossil fuel free transport ... fun too.

I am rather fond of winter, but I will say that I am happy that it has not yet snowed here in NE Ohio. Especially since we have plenty of voters that we have get off of their asses and get to the voting booths on Tuesday. Wish us Americans luck!!
we must make the most of winters while we still have them.
Every year I'm less and less enamoured of the cold. I have to keep reminding myself that the reason we're not overrun with poisonous snakes and cockroaches up here is because of the climate. But I'm COLD!

Maybe I could learn to live with the snakes....
Living in Florida has it's moments but few snowy ones. I have no roaches and no poison snakes in my life. I do have a pool that we can use just about year round. I lived in the north a few winters and the first snows were beautiful. I miss that at the holidays but not at any other time.
ahh, get lost Gary -
Don't dance images of tropical sceneries in-front of my eyes at this time of year. You bad!
Lovely pictures, Gary.
wonderful pictures, especially the first one... about weather, well i prefer the winter, perhaps because i live in India where it's just too hot most of the time, in most parts of the country, even winter knocks in a few regions.... summer is practically everywhere... all sweaty and humid and uncomfortable..
Tina - good work at getting the voters out - you're on the march now!

Ian - droll... and true.

Hmmmm, snakes or snow? Madcap - I'll take the snakes.

Apologies Zee, I'll post some lovely snow pics soon I bet.

Xanjukta - I forgot to mention that I spent a winter in India too! It was near Hardwhar in the north and was damn cold at night, but it was lovely in the daytime - love to visit again.
dear gary,
lovely pics!
When are you coming to Russia...to spend a winter here would be an experience for you too?
Well, having lived in the Southern part of the US since '97 I have to say I haven't seen snow nor missed it for all this time. Sure, waking up to a nice snowy Christmas is romantic, but boy oh boy, the bitter (think serious wind chill factors!!) cold in Ottawa with the snow and slush and freezing rains and driving through a winter blizzard while moving (who's idea was it anyway to move out on that day!?), brrrr.. I don't miss it.
Also, after I had lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years and returned to Ottawa, holy cow. My blood had 'thinned' and I just couldn't adjust to the cold anymore. I think -5 is about right, but anywhere below that is inhumane!!
I love living in the south without that messy snow. I spent time in the midwest and the snow and those northern winds were brutal. I do however want to spend my 50th birthday in Helsinki and one night in an ice hotel in Sweden. I am having trouble getting a lot of support for this bash from my friends. Well, I have a few years to work on them.

Beautiful pictures by the way. I have been to Manzanilla, but it has been many, many years.
Abhay, when I get a chance to visit you in Russia - I'll come! Any season.

Ingrid, I go to Ottawa often. Coldest national capital in the world after Ulan Bator.

Karena - I love your plans for your 50th. Tellyou friends to lighten up and come with you.

For my 50th, I did a mundane, but slightly wild act - got a tattoo. You can find it on my blog very close to these words.
Won't be long before all winters are gone if I understand All Gore's message right. Enjoy it while it lasts my friend :-)

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