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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Iran leader appeals to US people

Okay, the President of Iran is a bit of a nutcase...ask some of the more brave Iranian bloggers what they think...

However, he has to be dealt with and was elected by his people (remember good old democratic process). His latest move has been a letter directly to the American people, asking them to reject President Bush's policies. (story)

Here's a quote from the letter that is actually hard for me to disagree with.

"If the US government meets the current domestic and external challenges with an approach based on truth and justice, it can remedy some of the past afflictions and alleviate some of the global resentment and hatred of America." he said.
Maybe these two Presidents should be given time-outs together - forced to sit on a desert island somewhere (preferably in orange jumpsuits) until they can play nicely and work for sanity and peace. I'd be happy to feed, water and watch them if someone wants to organize it.

I'll get right on it!

Tell you what though, I think they'd come to an agreement sooner if they were roughing it in the Alberta bush. All kinds of consensus, I'm sure.

Brother-oh-brother. These are the people "in charge".
Madcap - you are right - the Alberta bush with one knife and one match between them. They'd get along or kill each other!
One can only imagine such a sight.
What a debacle, those 2 facing off.
I wonder just how fast GW can run away ; )
It's obvious he can spew it out, but I'm sure he'd never stand up to doing what he has put the service people through ; (
They can go anywhere together that they like as long as they just GO. And STAY. Far, far away from the rest of us, please GOD!!!
This guy would give bush a mean look, bush would wet his pants and the other guy would die laughing. The end.
Between this guy and Bush, I wonder if they just roll a dice to decide who is going to lead a country. Then just rig the elections.
I agree with PoP, even though what's his face is only about 5'4" he would give Bush a mean look and Bush would start crying and peeing and running.
Do I see a survivor episode?? Oh, no , that would be us trying to figure out how not to get on any watch list..never mind!

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