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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Deep Freeze Beauty

Two photos this morning, from the front porch as I ran out in my PJs to get firewood. One - minutes before 7:00 am and one - minutes after. It was about 10 below zero celsius this morning. That's pretty cold...even here.

Wow, that's cold for this time of the year. Here were I am we have a warm spell until the weekend (C 18) ... then we will follow your weather pattern, or so they say.
The pictures are gorgeous - thanks for freezing your balls of for us!

finally i can leave a comment -

the photos are gorgeous -
chilly but beautiful:)
Sorry, did you say -10C?

It's -35C here.

The hair crackles in your nose when you step outside.
Nice looking photos, cold looking snow.
We may get our in a day or 2.
Thanks all - and Madcap, I just knew you'd scoff at our measly -10C! I also come from prairie stock (Edmonton and Vermillion), so my blood is thick too.
wish we could trade places for a while. Beautiful bro!!

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