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Thursday, November 30, 2006

PMS Survival Tips

Thanks to Karena for this one. And honestly you women readers, I don't find this kind of mocking funny at all. I only post this as a public service. Men - you don't need to see this.

MY husband says he's never witnessed PMS and must rely only on the testimony of other men.

MY husband is a very clever man.


(That was pretty funny though, even if purely fictional.)
Did I hear that right "Let's see these tits in action???"

Where would we be without science?
It's not the PMS that's the problem; it's the men. ;)
I think the starting picture says enough for me on the subject.
I am glad to see this making the rounds. Da, he says, "Let's see those tips in action." Tits in Action is another video, although it did sound a bit like what you thought you heard.
Yeah, I didn't really find this video all that funny. I know I know... relax etc. But, it's not like I had a problem with it...I just didn't find it funny. Probably 'coz I haven't really turned into the "Monster" as yet. :)
LOL..I think the comments are actually funnier! That said, I don't think I turn into a 'monster' of sorts (that would be my husband, I swear he has some monthly cycle) but I get kinda sensitive, sad the week before. That and I start woofing down chocolate like's nobody's business!! lol
Thanks everyone (even you with your misinterpretation DA!).

Just to be clear - I'm not trying to make any statement here, except that I find this funny. Being a man with a wife and teenage daughter...and lots of women friends in my life - I will admit to knowing that PMS just might exist.

But hey, let's not stereotype anyone... and let's be kind to women always gentlemen!

There, am I covered? :)
I'll confess that I might have CMS, which is known as Constant Menstrual Syndrome....

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