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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The times they are a changin...

Our driveway early one morning...

I plan to keep blogging into 2007 and hope to put up things of interest here. Of course, visiting your blog now and then is also a priority. However, it promises to be a year of endings and beginnings for me - which will be time consuming, stressful ... and interesting.

In this year, we will be selling our home in The Middle Road Community and moving into Nelson. We'll be moving separately as our marriage is in transition. Both kids will be away this winter - our son is now travelling in Asia and New Zealand and our daughter is off to Spain on a student exchange soon. My term as Chair of Amnesty comes up and I'm still pondering the big decision of running again - or not. To top it off, I'm trying to change my consulting business - to work less and take only projects of compelling interest. Whew!

And of course, there's still Iraq, climate change, Darfur, defeating Stephen Harper...and eating, sleeping, shovelling snow (lots of it) and so on.

Life is interesting. I love the teachings of Epictetus - a few of the key tenets are:

Hi Gary
It adds up to a very stressful time in your life. May I suggest one step at a time, and be prepared to compromise your plans along the way if the need arises, allowing for a few short holidays/ breaks in between. I like those sayings.
Best wishes
A full plate to be sure. I love the tenets. They do make sense. Life is quite a journey.
Do you mind to email me Gary?
I am leaving as well ... perhaps I should give you a ring.
Hi Gary. What a lovely winter scene in your yard. I envy you the natural beauty where you live. Could you send some for the weekend & take it back on Monday when I have to work?

I am sorry to hear that you are going to have such a stressful time. I will be thinking of you. It sounds as if you have a lot of good, positive things going in your life. I know the selling house & living separately will be difficult. I, too, am transitioning in a relationship, and it's hard, but I know it's for the best. I like him, and we'll still be friends, but he is not the one for me.

I love the tenets. They are so true. I have a lot of difficulty with the first one. I'm working on it, though.

BTW, I sent you an email & it bounced back. I will try again.

Take care & don't forget where Ju & I live. :-)
Hi Gary,

First of all, the Winter scene is gorgeous!! I wish we had even a 1/4 of that snow fall here in Toronto but this year, our winter's quite green and rainy!

Since I've been privy to what's been happening with you, all I can do is offer you support and that cup of coffee is always waiting. :)

The few key tenets you've mentioned are wonderful. I've learnt a lot this past year and these three lines express them well. :)
Hmmm. That's a LOT of transition, and it does sound stressful. Don't forget to breathe.

This world keeps going regardless of our problems eh? Good luck in your New Year! I've added your blog to my list.
Beautiful picture!

I'm hoping 2007 will quickly turn for the better for you. Remember your friends are here.

Hey! Keep an eye out on the mail.

Love the tenets of Epictetus. Good advice.
ah Gary, I am deeply saddened, but somehow comforted as well to know someone going through the same transition I am. I would offer sage advice, but you seem to be centered, and I seem to be short of sage advice this week...

Beautiful photo. Keep well, you're a good man, and times like these can be our best teachers.
I echo the compliments on the beautiful photo, and the good wishes for your future. Seems like 2007 is a year of transition for many people. I do wish you well, Gary. You are a good man.
Thanks for the supportive words all.Thanks for the advice Lindsay 'be prepared to compromise your plans and talk short breaks'. Sounds like you are a wise philosopher too.

I emailed you Zee - hope it went through.

Elisabeth (and others) - somewhere between Christmas and New Years, many of my emails didn't arrive - seems to be okay now.

It's a about -25 Celsius in the town I'm in today. In Fahrenheit that translates as DAMN COLD!
It's almost too late to wish you a Happy New Year but I'll do it anyway.

Good luck with everything that's ahead of you in 2007.
Hello, Gary. It seems as if you have a full plate before you.

I have no sage advice to give, but I can offer you the following:

Approach life as a banquet

Pursue the good ardently

More Epictetus there, stuff I picked up from you. But somtimes it isn't such a bad thing to be reminded of things we already know.

Warm regards,

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