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Monday, December 25, 2006

May the light grow...

A photo I took early Christmas morning as the sun rose.
It's Mountain Ash or Rown tree berries, decorated with an overnight snowfall.

A very delightful, slow holiday to you, Gary. You're taking some time off, aren't you?
What a lovely picture! We have some lovely red berries here, but they aren't frosted with snow.
I don't think I did officiallly say Merry Christmas to you - well, MERRY CHRISTMAS, there you are!
Very beautiful picture. Global warming has got us down here, no more snow!
I'll count that as my white Christmas. Thank you for sharing.
Amazing beauty..Gary!
You are so lucky ...to live amidst such great beauty.
Nature makes the prettiest decorations of all! Nothing in the stores can top Mother Nature when she gets into decorating.
Berry Interesting!!!
snooowww. Boy, haven't experienced that for so long, I get cold just looking at it!! Happy New Year Gary, it's been a pleasure getting to know you, am looking forward to more interesting and insightful exchanges from you,
Happy New YEAR 2007!!!!!!
My email to you keeps getting bounced back as "undeliverable." Just wanted to wish you Happy New Year, and I hope that 2007 turns out to be a good year for you.
Hi Gary--I tried to send you some email, but it came back. Thanks for your response to my holiday email and for all your positive thoughts about it. We can all use them.

I wish you & your family a happy, peaceful & prosperous 2007.
Wonderful colors Gary, happy and compassionate 2007 for you and your loved ones!
Happy New Year to you and your family. :-)
I like the image gary

Carpet of a winter’s snow
Gary’s tree has red innerglow
Rowan’s tree withinsight
Crimson berries of sheer delight

Nature new life she has painted
Sap of life her new creation
Winters seasons is red blush
Snow clad in Nelsons winters hush

best wishes
Thanks to all for such fine messages. It's great to see you again Nova and I liked your year end summary on your blog.

Lindsay, what fine verse!

It has snowed here almost every day since Christmas and we have a deep white carpet on everything - with walls of snow along the driveway and walkway. Those who have lived in northern climes will be able to picture it easily.

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