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Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am 484,889 hours old...

This link takes you to a page where you enter your birthday (day, month, year). It then provides you with more information than you'd ever want - from how many seconds you've been alive to what the moon looked like on that day.

This is a great time-waster for those of you looking to kill a few minutes. If you try other peoples' dates, you might even kill an hour!

Oh god, I don't want to know. Does it do dog years too?

by the way this is Pop from Morning Martini. Still can't comment on beta sites with my google acct.
Become a convert Pop!
If you have an "actual" Google account you can be Pop both at blogger and Beta-blogger.
Ha, ha,
you are about 30,000 hours and 45 minutes older than me Gary!
What a relief.
This comment has been removed by the author.
so if i'd put a penny in a jar after every minute i'd been around - just 60p an hour, i'd have a quarter of a million quid in the jar by now?! surely some mistake! ;o)

[beta blogger need to review their sign-in program - like make it work first time!]
My life path number is 8, it turns out. I had no idea!
I'm a "1". Apparently.

Neat site! But gosh, calculated in years, I feel rather ancient...
I'm going with dog years from now on.
My life path is 8 too.

And even though Hallmark says my flower is the sweet pea, this says it's the dandelion.

Got my birthstone right though. A girl's best friend.
I'm a lifepath number 11 which was kinda fancy I gathered. Not sure why it was fancy though..

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