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Friday, December 22, 2006

Asylum Street Spankers are patriots!

Okay, there are a few words that seem crude here - and if you own a big SUV or support the war in Iraq, you might take a pass on this one. For everyone else, I think you will be entertained nicely - vaudeville style! (Thanks to Susan.)

I came home from work and saw this (it takes me forever to download ... but that is my problem, not yours:)) - and I had to laugh a lot despite its serious topic. Thanks!
That was SO well done! Chive and I both loved it!
Bravo! Absolutely fabulous.
So funny and so true!
(thanks for the music suggestions. I loved them all!)
... huuh, what's up with your e-mail box Gary?
Maybe it's over-full and therefore bounces!
Hilarious!! Well sung. Thanks for sharing. :)

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