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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A poem across the dateline...

My son Ryan is now travelling in Asia. I asked him for a poem for my blog. Here it is (he's in Bangkok until tomorrow).

Pineapple Salad

Walked in humid heat on humming street,
So many old white men with young Thai hookers
The hookers wild eyed and laughing,
The old white men sour and sad like weeping lemon curds.
I saw a girl with eyes like fire.... face fair like soft clouds.

I ate a salad served in half a pineapple for dinner
And now my legs are like mythology;
No one remembers why Thor's hammer was so strange.

your welcome, I'll pass the thanks along to my daughter who showed it to me... makes me want to write on my hand (my arm...)
Thailand would nearly as hot as here at the moment, but more humid.

Poem conveys the local scene well, no doubt; there are a lot of white men over there of that vein.

Evocative poem and great he to sends you his poems about it all.

Best wishes
I do like that. Telling.
"sad like weeping lemon curds."

Great line.
Dear Gary,
I must say you son Ryan is a talented young man!

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