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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Day in the Life (footloose and fancy free)

FROM RYAN'S MYSPACE BLOG - some insights into his day in Thailand...

The photo is the five travellers he mentions - at the Vancouver aiport en route to Asia - Ryan's on the left (he's not smoking, it's a piece of paper and he often holds one like that - it's not genetic...)

Friday, January 26, 2007

At Haad Tian

I wake up after having some sort of nostalgic dream, home is on my mind. I
close my eyes and dream another world. Ten minutes later I hear a young
British accent talking to Kris who's outside on the hammock,

"Is your friend awake?" she asks.

Then the door opens and Chloe, the nine year old British delinquint walks
in and jumps on my bed. I pull my sleeping bag over my mostly naked body.

"Good morning Chloe."

"Can I listen to your MP3?" she asks. Her accent reminds me of Mary
Poppins, her behaviour reminds me of Mary Poppins on bad acid.

"Yeah for a few minutes," I answer.

"Can I hear Zoey?" I put my sister's rough demo CD on my mp3 player and
since I showed a song to Chloe a few days ago, she wants to hear Zoey

"How old is she?"

"16," Chloe gapes at my answer.

"Is she famous?"

"Not really famous, but she will be!"

Finally we convince Chloe to get out of our room after about 20 minutes of
her going through all our stuff and making crude comments that I've never
heard from a nine year old before.

We wander over to the restaurant and order breakfast. The Thai family that
runs the place comes out to say good morning, 'sawdikaup'. Me and Kris
play a game of chess while eating a nice Thai breakfast, I order a banana,
chocolate, peanut shake with brekky.

The 15 year old Thai kid Dia comes and sets up a game kinda like croquanot
(sp?) and he and Kris have a game after we finish the chess (which I
inevitably lose). Dia chain smokes cigarettes and laughs a lot. Playing
games defeats any language barrier that may exist. Cook, the very cute,
and shy 19 year old girl comes out of the kitchen - she sits with us, and
we play the same game but in teams of two. Kris and Dia, versus me and
Cook. We play five consecutive games and me and Cook lose all five.

We laugh the whole time and they teach us some Thai words while we play.
Finally I get up and go back to the bungalow for a shower. I get the
sticky, humid sweat off my body and re-dress. The four of us (Kris, Amber,
Missy, and myself) hop on two different mopeds and head up the dirt road
towards the road to Than Sala (the little town on Koh Phangan).

The wind is cool while driving and it feels great to rip around on the
mopeds. We are off to Haad Rin (the party area of the island) where we
will meet Isaac for dinner, and then all go to the big Half Moon party on
a beach somewhere nearby. After this weekend me and Kris are talking about
leaving to go back to the mainland.

This island is known for it's parties and fun, but I think what I will
miss most is relaxing at the Haad Tian resort on the beach with a group of
friendly travellers, and the incredible Thai people who run it (at least
the ones we've become friends with).

Now it is time to jump on a moped again and head out for dinner. We've
been eating more than enough for dinner at the street market in Thaan Sala
the last couple of nights. A big plate of noodles, or curry and rice, a
big banana, mango, pineapple, or whatever kind of fresh fruit shake, and
thai style chocolate, banana, pinepple pancakes, all for no more than
about 3 dollars canadian. It ain't so bad!!!

Love and Light


I do hope Thailand's political situation is more stable today.
Ah, it's going to let me post this time. I just know it!

Anyone, that is one talented and cool kid. Start a parenting blog, will ya? I'll be your acolyte.
Funny to read and well written down. Here's to a new worldclass novellist!
yes, I'm with DA..he's a "writer". He could be a travel writer if he wanted to I bet. I remember Thailand.. I know you get a kick out of buying something when your dollar stretches so much more than at home.. he's pretty courageous going out and about on a moped too!

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