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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Four quiet minutes...

If you have a few minutes and no distractions, take a deep breath or two and have a look/listen.

Haha...so crafty. Thank youtube for restoring a bit of free expression to this monopolized modern mayhem.
Thanks for posting this Gary. It's beautifully expressed.
Simple truths.
I'm glad I took the time to watch that. Thanks!
yes -it's all written on the palms of their hands....hands that need to steer a better course, for its 5 minites to midnight !!

Hands on the clock youth wind it back
Hands to keep peace train on track
Hands to heal in our time of strife
Hands unite in the rhythm of life

Hands of a jester alone on the hill
Hands in prayer to be gods will
Hands to save a brave young face
Hands the colours of our human race
Wow! Simply amazing.
I just discovered you thanks to Ms. C, and I would like to thank you for being a blogger with a brain. I really enjoyed it. You might want to come visit a collection of nutcases who gather round the water cooler in a quant little town we call Freedoms's Place. I think you'd enjoy it. Just tell em "THE Michael" sent ya (not that they'd shoot you or anything.....grin)

Oh, and if you like what you see, there MIGHT be an empty flat available over the art gallery on main street.
Loved it. Feeling a little better about humans now.
That is a very inspiring show of unity. If only we could get more people to work together, perhaps we really could make poverty history.

Of course, first we would have to convince the people with the resources to make putting profit before people history!
Moving, touching...great video!~


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