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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Close Guantanamo Bay

The Bush regime is faltering - even domestically now. Americans who were afraid enough to hand him the rudder for years are seeing the rocks and shoals around their ship now (hey, I kept to one metaphor for the whole sentence...)

Amnesty International and many other organizations are ramping up the pressure to close the illegal detention centre in Guantanamo Bay. It's illegal by international law, illegal by US law and represents so much of what's wrong with the 'war on terror'. Hundreds of men (and boys) detained, secretly flown to Cuba and then kept indefinitely with no charges, no legal process (by any known standards) and lots of evidence of torture or as some in the administration call it 'robust interrogation'.

There is of course, extraordinary rendition (kidnap and removal) to other hidden prisons, but I'm focusing on Guantanamo today.

It's time. Time to write letters. Time to put on orange jump suits and yell at politicians. Time to wonder out loud about who might be charged with war crimes. Go here to do something now if you want to.

A little clip from AI USA.

Stephen Harper's non belief in Global Warming may cause Guantanamo Bay to flood in 7 years by his allowing Canada's icebergs to melt and drown those prisoners.

Countries with icebergs are more responsible for the balmy weather.
Interesting point Bohemian...

Canada has lots of ice (and 25% of the world's fresh water too). Maybe we should be more responsible!
So bloody frustrating, and that's just from up here. I can't imagine what it means to actually have to deal with it. It's absolutely barbaric and backward and boneheaded. I'm beginning to froth a bit, I think I'll go write a letter. Thanks, Gary.
Gary, just linked to your post. Does this mean you got out of Ottawa 'sans' frostbite??
Thanks for posting the info Gary. Am coming out of writer's block mode to pen a letter.
done Gary, and forwarded (to my activist daughter and her friends among others)- thanks

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