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Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm off to do nothing..

The beach at La Manzanilla Mexico

I'm off later today to fly to Mexico, then take a cab and bus to the village of La Manzanilla. I probably shouldn't tell you where it is, since it's still quiet, inexpensive and has just enough tourists to be interesting, without a single modern hotel or resort.

I have books, sunscreen, a mask & snorkel and time. There is internet in one cafe, so don't be surprised if I still see your blog. The sign over the computer there reads: "Don't complain the slow computer - you did not come to Mexico for it." I agree.

What a delightful spot !! you last visited winter last ? - La Manzanilla in Mexico- when the entire population was 1200 souls on the Pacific coast !!.

I am sure you will enjoy your stay and have earned a good rest ; relax !!

Best wishes
I've been a big American homebody my whole life. But I will definitely travel once my education is closer to complete.

Enjoy your trip!
Nice Blog. Is that beach as long as it looks? Not dissimilar to the learning curve called life... seems to go on forever, can't really see the end. Options – take the stroll with eyes wide open or perhaps stay safely buried in the sand. Enjoy!
Have a great trip, Gary.
I thought the name La Manzanilla sounded familiar. The Washington Post had a piece on it a little bit ago.

Very jealous. Do enjoy.
Bob voyage, Gary. Relax, enjoy, and let your mind and soul find peace.
Hey, you seem to have found the real garden of eden. Kick back and have a cocktail on me. :)
enjoy. it sounds perfect.
are you still "busy" doing nothing? :)
Dear Gary,

Wish you a great time out there...read your books and when you come back share the good things with us too!
I haven't left a message of "jealousy" yet? Shame on me!
Have a grand time GAry.
aaah..now that is what the doctor ordered.. well, not specifically or exactly but somewhere in my mind it seems as if he did, vaguely..(I need to go to bed right now, I'm sounding like an idiot..must be seeing that mirage of a beach far far away)

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