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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Still here!

I'm still here and still enjoy peeking at your blogs now and then. With a heavy work schedule, volunteer commitments and the real stuff of life.... kids growing up into young adults, working through a marital separation and moving to another house - I'm tired.

Some random thoughts...

Only the real doubters, deeply dumb or true believers in scriptural mythology don't accept that climate change is upon us (and that humans have contributed to it). In Canada, this issue has shot from about 7th to number one this year. Even Conservative politicians are trying to out-green each other (or pretend to).

Here's what I find interesting (aside from weather my children will have a decent planet to grow old on). We are finally at the point where many humans experience and perceive a global reality. We have accepted (even if we oppose its form) that there is a global economy. Just check the labels on your clothes or ask who the U.S. is indebted the most to (same answer as most of the labels).

Now we are experiencing and perceiving a global environment - clouds of smoke and gasses into the atmosephere end up in all human lungs. Or as my son used to say, "A non-smoking section in a restaurant is like a non-pissing section in a swimming pool." (Finally I get to use that.)

My hope for the next universal shift? That we will begin to experience and perceive all human beings as one group or to be corny, one family. Then perhaps I'll feel the suffering of my brother in Darfur, my sister in Kirkuk or Kandahar, the child who doesn't eat...and really feel it as if it were my family.

One economy. One planet. One humanity.

(Photo from my trip to La Manzanilla in February)

Thoughts about the common brotherhood of man crudely arose when we first encountered other tribes as migratory hunter/ gatherers.
Evolved consciousness was then attributed as the return of departed spirits, as it was thought impossible to have thoughts about someone already departed. So began our first religions.

Smaller communities readily adopted a shared consciousness held together by common beliefs. Of more recent times I think our shared consciousness dissipated with industrialisation and specialisation fuelled by rampant individualism. Corporations to day however have undertaken a mind shift, seeking to embrace shared values, to bring purpose back into our lives and what we do. Those who ignore the requirement to act in a sustainable way and embrace corporate social responsibility in my opinion will fail.

Companies that export poverty, or who encourage its continuance by paying employees at unsustainable rates , or stand by and do nothing when breaches of human rights occur will eventually collapse, as its customers and employers withdraws support. Slow but significant progress is being made as the shift in consciousness occurs.

And as we speak Sudan has recently agreed to a "second phase" of UN support for peacekeeping in Darfur, involving 3,000 UN troops and logistical support, a significant concession. Can the craddle of civilisation be allowed to self destruct ?

Collective consciousness can now bring communities in both the physical and the virtual world together to embrace human rights and a reverence for life. I think both individually and collectively there is no better time for global healing and improving the collective consciousness of all mankind. Consciousness may regain its natural evolved function if we are able to form a partnership with nature, a covenant and through deeper thinking and awareness with subtler minds, link in a common brotherhood to cherish the globe and all of its wondrous inhabitants.

Hence a shift in consciousness is occuring , the fact we are living in a still crazy world obscures the conscious shift, for the better, that is occurring.

Best wishes
Excellent comment Lindsay. It's a thoughtful essay really...and optimistic about the eventual outcome for us all too.
Hello, Gary.
I, too, believe that a global shift of consciousness is currently underway, but one of a more subtle sensibility.

The thing with air pollution can be charted, and is a sort of next-stage-of-development from water management; itself a step up from topsoil management, etc.

And while the goodwill and open hearts of the one side should not be overlooked, neither should the indolence and ignorance of those in opposition to the changes.

In the US, you still see a rather large group railing against the dependence on foreign oil, while it is precisely this dependence (Bretton Woods) that keeps the currency propped up. So I see little to indicate some new wave of internationalism or consciousness of such.

I believe, instead, that the next shift will be as the acquisition of a sense, palpable and real, that physiology would no longer number our senses at five.

As Pearl Jam says--
It's evolution, baby!

And going through all of these thoughts, reading today a five-year projection for the space program, right now I'm thinking about Scottsmoor, right up the road from Cape Canaveral, where there is still an openly marked public office for the Ku Klux Klan.
Some would reach for the stars while others still want to burn crosses.

That's who we are as a people.
Your son has a point, but I still don't want to be in the part of the pool where I feel the warm current swirl by, you know? I'd rather it dispersed a bit....

Good post.
thank God for that shift in consciousness.. I have been thinking about that a lot lately on my other blog (austin permie).. glad you're posting on it as well Gary.
And as for the other news in the post, all I can do is give you a virtual hug,
all the best
I am a goddamn fool, but I think Global Warming is bullshit!!!

It is merely a new movement toward Communism. Instead of Worker's Unite, it is believe in this nonsense.

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