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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Distracted, but not gone...

I've been a bit distracted with life and all, so the blog has been neglected a little. I haven't signed off (like the Pope seems to have - Ask the Pope). It's an interesting relationship I have with this blog and with many of you. I never expected to feel so responsible and never expected to feel real friendship with such a number of 'strangers'. Some of my close blogger friends (Nerdine, Jublu, Madcap, DA, PT) have also taken breaks now and then.

Keep checking in and I'll be back to being more regular (sounds like an ad for fibre).

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with some graffite from London - R-rated and interesting too...(click on it to see it larger).

Hello, Gary.
It is my sincere hope that all would go well for you.
Take the time that you need, and come back when you can.

&btw, I don't see the "Plays trombone, badly" in the "About Me" section of your sidebar anymore. I am wondering what this suspicious disappearance portends. I seem to remember a moose showing up in your yard at one time; am wondering if this is in any way related....
now a banksy can fetch £100k at sotherby's, I just don't get it - he's a geurilla artist right? And he draws on walls. Did someone just buy a wall?

Gary, I still drop by - I like to keep my blogroll small and manageable for that very reason. It's good not to let the blogs take over! ;o)
PT - I put the trombone aside for now as I'm too busy to be in the band I was in. No one has complained...

Ian - yeah... Banksy is a successful revolutionary. But I love his work. Thanks for dropping by and keep up the wonderful photograpy.
Gary, have your break but keep in touch!
I've been very negligent with my own blog. Life is all around us and sometimes our attention is needed elsewhere.
Life for me is in rapid change these days, despite the tranquility of the island. My bloging-motivation sucks, I hardly manage to post, not to speak of commenting on other blogs ...
Must be in the atmosphere.
Hi Gary,

This is the Missing Madcap. I'm glad you're still here.
You didn't mention me but here's the missing Granny Ann. Still blogging but not as often and still reading but more as a lurker.

Hi there!!
Hi, G.
Dear Gary,
I believe in fads and it seems to me that blogging is one of them. Fads come and go and so do our interest in them. Lately I have been experiencing the same lack of interest in posting or commenting anything on blogs.
My work is taking much of my attention and energy and I hardly find much time to blog.
Nevertheless hope that from time to time will keep on posting...


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