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Friday, March 23, 2007

Poetry from sunny Spain

PublishCordoba, Spain (photo by Zoey)

My daughter is in Cordoba, Spain on a several month exchange. The young woman she lives with (Myriam) lived with us in Canada for three months in the fall. We talk now and then and we email a bit too.
Today Zoey sent a poem she wrote - I like it.


Crease of my palm,
holds blue ink.

Holds history, and home.

Shed my skin, cell by cell.

Somehow, the memories stay.
They´re not of my mind,

they´re the stories that are told
by my fingerprints,

by my chewed nail,

this writing callus.

I cant lose, re use, recycle, or deny

it's why I sit here
and appear as I do,

to eyes

seen and unseen

to minds

lost and redeemed.

This hand.

From mother, father, child and lover

of earth and air,
release and despair.

I owe this hand

my secrets and lies

the things it unties
in my heart
and my mind

by the simple task
of holding
this pen.

Its a very nice poem. Is it from her hand or anothers ?
Either way I also like it
Best wishes
Thanks Lindsay, I re-wrote the intro to make it clear that Zoey wrote it.

CNN just did a story this morning on Nelson, BC regarding the community of US war deserters.

Nelson looks a beautiful town.

When they mentioned Nelson BC, I knew that town rang a bell.

Try to catch the story if you can.
Thanks Bohemian, I missed that and will see if it's to run again.
in between 'things' I'm quickly checking some blogs.. I love this picture..somehow, it is really evocative. At this point, pictures not words speak to me.. must be my wondering soul who needs to look out of a more interesting window..

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