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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My friend Aspen - sweet music

Aspen is a family friend, former babysitter (sorry Aspen, have to mention it) and an amazing young musician. Take a look/listen. The backgroud... that's where I live.

Aspen is amazing, and her music is totally the kind of music that I listen to: peaceful, serene and romantic.

I would really be interested in hearing more of her music.

That's where you live? It's so beautiful there.
What a lovely film clip. Fantastic scenery and nice song. Best wishes
Lovely voice, singer, and background.
oh oh... I just got a pang of homesickness...
sweet voice Aspen, sounds straight from the heart and inspired..
She has a sweet voice and the place where you live is beautiful!!
Lovely girl, lovely voice, and lovely country!
Gary, thank you for your comment on my art blog "A Different Kind of Masterpiece" regarding the dust art. I apologize for my delay in responding to you but no one comments on that blog and I confess that I overlooked your comment of 4/22/07. I usually just peruse my various art blogs to visually calm my spirit, rather like I listen to music for the same purpose.
Thank you again for visiting.

Worried, aka Eye Candy
Beautiful voice and song!! Did she sing your kids to bed? If so, what a wonderful experience that must have been. She has such a soothing voice. :)
Wow! Thanks to You Tube, we can hear such wonderful voices!The video and the song was just amazing!

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