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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poetry slam to move you...

If you have a few minutes, see if you can handle this poetry reading. It's from a few years back, but deep and moving. The reader is Suheir Hammad. There is what we call 'language' in it - meaning some words that might offend (but used well, believe me). What do you think?

Wow. And...wow. Amazing. I loved it, and I loved the way she read it. What powerful imagery! How clearly she expressions her thoughts and with such insight! I want a hard copy. I want to use this in class. I want to listen to it again....
expressions = expresses, of course
Hello, Gary.
That was very moving.
Thank you for sharing this.
Hi Gary!
How have you been!
Thanks for this post!
Hey Gary.

I think this is my first visit to your sides. Just want to say I enjoyed this post.
I think it was amazing, the way her voice became stronger as she mentioned McVeigh- very well done. Thank you so much Gary for sharing this with us, and nice to meet you.

It reminds me in a way of DiFranco's World Trade Center which you probably heard but if not I can send it- its that poignant.
I am speechless. I can only offer another powerful poem that has also moved me deeply ...


thank you Gary for this.


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