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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

John Lennon - not used in vain...I hope

It's a commercial (below), but for a cause you might support... Yoko Ono allowed the John Lennon songbook to be recorded by international artists, to highlight Amnesty work, particularly in Darfur, Sudan. I supported this project (in Canada) and years ago worked in Darfur. I have a stake in this issue.

Greetz from Lhasa to my bro..
this is definitely the right time and issue for John Lennon's songs to be re-recorded and used for fundraiser purposes. Great commercial too!
I want that. I think it's a wonderful way to spread the word. I imaging Lennon would approve.
Now is the time for Men without Hats music to be used to combat climate change.

Pop Goes the World is an Al Gore favorite.
my daughter focused on Darfur for her grade 8 writing - we will of course be purchasing this CD, and will let all our friends know as well.

Thank you again Gary. This grounds me.
Hi Gary

I trust your colleagues in the region are Okay. A simple but very effective project to generate awareness and funds for Amnesty in their struggle for the down trodden of Darfur. The cradle of our civilisation. What a tragedy

John Lennon had his warts as a person but it seems to me he was genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of mankind. His quote that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ was not understood by those who were offended by the comment at the time. I think he was making the point if you want to influence change for the better use the best most popular medium to do that! Just as you are doing to day.
Lenin: a father, friend, poet, musician, humanitarian with human frailty, but overall imagine if........ Not to loose that dream!!

For we can boldy say evil has no proper substance?, or is it a lack of the good and good intentions ?, not so much as a lack of an efficient cause but of a deficient one; lacking in genuine compassion to translate generously into strong and conscious effort.

For I believe we are blessed with free will, but will we exercise that free will, in a conscious judgement for the betterment of others? I remain hopeful and encouraged by your posting and the actions of others.
U2 has been particually helpful in Malawi.

Best wishes
I think he was sincere, and I'm glad his words and ideas are enduring.
Imagine! All the people living in peace! Certainly this is the way forward Gary!
Gary? Gary? :)
Whassup, Gary?

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