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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hugfest Nelson

The video clip below is a few months old. Hugfest is one aspect of the work of a group called Inspire Nelson. It's an approach to get people involved in positive action in small ways... that add up. And to track those ways.

The theory is simple - whether it's climate change, human rights, social issues (dare I say 'health care in the US'), it can feel overwhelming and we can tune out or give up taking action. Yest in many many small ways we can not only make a measurable improvement, we can change how we feel about the issue - from powerlessness to hope and energy.

Organizations and other towns have picked up the software and approach and are replicating this project.

Have a look if you want. Check out the RESULTS tab.

The video is amateurish, but fun, and you get to see my main street at least a little. Hope you enjoy it and rush to the nearest human and hug them (with their consent of course...)

Oh yeah, I got two free hugs that day - good ones!

The power of human touch and connection...
Wonderful idea - wonderful video.

It's good to be reminded of keeping awareness of what can be done right here, right now, in day-to-day life.

And watching the video, I'm reminded that there are hugs and then there are HUGS.

I hope your summer has been good. I enjoyed your photos in the previous post. The Titanic one got me smiling.
aww Gary, I want a hug too!!
Hi Gary
Good to see you’re enjoying yourself and still engaging in your annual pilgrimage in the lake waters.

I enjoyed the hug clip video and applaud the work to make a difference at the local community level. Indeed this is the only way we will ever effect sustained change – from the community level as one interacts with another.

Best wishes
Very sweet. Please accept a virtual hug from me.. at least til we meet again and I can give you a real one :-)
Wow! How fun is that!

Great event.... we need more of that kind of action in our communities.
yay free hugs.org.
the thing is, some people really know how to hug. it's a little like kissing- there are kisses and then there are kisses! a good hug will mean something.
hey, fun also to see what nelson looks like.
Wow. That's so beautiful. I'm a bit weepy.

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