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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canada Day ... eh?

July 1st is Canada Day. We celebrate it old-school here in Nelson. At 10:00 a.m. Lakeside Park opens its gates and people flood in for a day of celebration and fun, that culminates with fireworks over the lake at 10:00 p.m.

It feels like an old-fashioned small town event - with sand sculpting contests, kids games, food stands, a bandstand with non-stop live music, speeches from politicians, Mounties in red serge, bagpipes, square dancing,a fly-by from the 6 planes in the Nelson Flying Club and a sail-past from the 6 boats in that club.
We also sing Oh Canada and then eat a huge cake (see before and after photos).

I met an American gent who just moved here from Idaho and we struck up a conversation over organic salmon burgers from our not-so-average lakeside food stand (see photo). He said he senses a quiet pride in Canadians, that they like to differentiate themselves from Americans and seem gentle. He's right. We both agreed that President Obama makes America proud again, strengthens our hopes for democracy and makes it easier for Americans to travel. We're going to meet up again sometime.

Last Canada Day was the first day Anna came to visit me in Nelson. Fireworks indeed... She's away today so I honour her with one of her recent canoe photos (Mr. Basketball).

Apologies to Aboriginal Canadians for what we've done these past 142 years, and let's hope to do better and keep it the true north strong and free together for another 142.
Happy Birthday you.

The good citizens of Nelson fill the park (click on any photo to see enlarged)

Rod and Jill decorate their snack bar rather nicely - great menu too!

Young and enthusiastic folk dancers

The cake unveiled!

City Councilor Bob Adams at the knife...

... and done

Kootenay Lake discovery - Anna on the camera

Very, very nice. Happy Canada Day, Gary. I reflect your sentiments.

Wonderful photo by Anna.
Happy Canada Day, my friend.

Lovely photos, (lovely, Anna!)
Very nice pictures, I hope you had a good one! Happy Canada day!

Take care, Jay
Wonderful photos and celebrations – I don’t think there could be any doubt – Nelson would be my type of town / City – as I have remarked previously- It has a very homely feel to it!
Best wishes
drum roll, please! and now the brass join in.... some strings.... ka-boom! the kettle drums. maybe Handel's water music. happy (belated) Canada Day!

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