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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Election Fun

We're into a provincial election here. The whole shebang takes about a month. Campaigning started this week and the election is May 12th. That's the Canadian way. There are a few interesting things about this one.

1. The Liberals (who aren't) have been in power for 8 years and have moved the province to more of a free-market, conservative, cut-back, hurt-the-poor position. We have had a good economy, have the 2010 Winter Olympics coming and live in a wonderfully beautiful place. But we have the highest levels of child poverty in Canada. Go figure. Our local Lib candidate is Josh Smienk, a guy I like and know, but who will pretty much support more of the same.

Gord Campbell, our Liberal Premier REALLY REALLY wants to be the big guy for next year's Olympics.

2. The New Democrats are our social democratic party. Oddly enough, they've been losing the green vote lately by criticizing everything the current government does for the environment, even the carbon tax they imposed on all fuels, which some of us think is a good first step. Carol James, the leader, has the charisma of well... nobody. Our local candidate is a woman I know, Michelle Mungall, who will be a wonderful young, dynamic, free thinking activist member if elected (whoops Gary - your bias is showing!)

3. The Green Party will get lots of good press, will field terrific candidates and probably won't elect a single one, because of the fear of a split vote.

Here's the exciting bit. We have a referendum question on the ballot to decide whether to move to a new electoral system - other than first past the post. The Single Transferable Vote model (STV) was developed by a citizen's assembly. It would be terrific to try it out. Now this will get Greens elected the next time around...

May the best woman win.

Good luck with the referendum, Gary. I have a feeling that's the way to go, the "Single Transferable Vote"!
Hey, what good is having a blog if you can't promote your own bias on it?
May the best person win!
i always thought i deserve to have two votes. this whole one-vote-per-person thing stinks.
and even though i'm from california, i should be able to vote in british columbia. because BC is neither british nor columbian.
and i'm always right almost 20% of the time. i know people who are always wrong.
and i listen to the tragically hip.

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