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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Wee Toast on Saint Paddy's Day O

Home from Vancouver... after 2 days of flying over home and back to Vancouver, unable to land because of weather. Hope I get airmiles for all of it...

Here's to the band Flogging Molly, to Mr. J. Depp, to pirates and wenches everywhere and to everyone with a wee bit o Oyrish in yer bones. (That's you!)


I hope yours was a great one!
welcome home!
and happy st. patrick's day.
and ewww. that pirate had a fork stuck in his eye.
I don't really care for Saint Patrick, or his ridiculous international get drunk day.... a christian missionary who chased away the "snakes"....??

And I love you too dad!!!!
Hey thanks Sarah and Seraphine. And Sir Nebula... thanks for dropping by and being such a fine son.
Tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day.. one celebrated by eating since legend has it he saved the Sicilians from starvation. I love the once a year zeppoles from the North Providence bakeries.
Ho Gary
Thanks for the previous Canuck style- humour - drive carefully in the snow!!
You will be pleased to know I was wearing a green shirt on St Patrick’s Day!!
Good rollicking pirate Celtic music!

Best wishes

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