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Saturday, January 03, 2009

And the haiku prize winner is....

Thanks to each of you for your haiku entries (see below) There were several from Zee - a poet in every moment.

The poems were read once again, appreciation was offered (in spirit at least) and Anna then pulled a name at random (there are no accidents of course).

The winner of the lovely West Kootenay 2009 Scenic Calendar is...



Send your mailing address and the prize will be on its way Cheri.

I would like to thank the Academy, er, uh, Anna!!!

I'll email you my address.


Congratulations Cheri!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Cheri and a belated Happy New year to you!
Congratulations, Cheri. I bet the photos on the calendar are all beautiful.
Did Anna wear the prerequisite blindfold? Cheri's haiku was lovely and I congratulate her too but all were excellent.
Thank you Gary.

The calendar is beautiful and meaningful coming from you. Also? Laura is wild about the whoopie cushion you sent to help her along with her Prank Year '09 Plan. Her parents thank you too, sort of.

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