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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The benefits of climate change...

I took this photo an hour ago - while paddling in a calm lake. It was cold out but not that cold. Usually by now we've had a good taste of winter. This fall, we've had many warm, sunny and gorgeous days.

The climate change in our micro area is that winter arrives later, has a great deal of snow, then departs earlier in the spring... and we have drier summers.

The bad news: more spring floods and more summer fires (and eco changes we're still understanding).

The good news: well, just look at the photo! And dry hot summers are not too hard to take.

Here's a link to a report that I was hired to produce - it shows the trends in the Columbia Basin in a whole range of ways. (Whoops, somehow I slipped from enjoying the beauty back into work... )

What's it like where you are?

57 and sunny.

Did you see the meteor in Canada's skies the other night?
Sarah - no, the meteor was further east - wish I had seen it!
We went to the movies today in t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. I'm not making that up. But don't be too jealous of our Southern California weather, we are always catching on fire this time of year . . .
we have 8 inches of snow today, and it's warmed to just above freezing. there's a warm wind blowing, so things may begin to melt. the trend here seems to be for more freeze and thaw cycles in our winters, which are not something i recall being frequent in my lifetime prior to now. chinooks aren't unheard of, not even uncommon, but not usually a regular thing.
Cheri, a friend of mine who moved from Nelson to the Santa Barbara area lost her house in the fires.

Gfid - sounds like early winter (and for those who don't know 'chinooks' are warm winds that come in over the mountains from the west and change the temperature dramatically.
hi gary! just one thing about your columbia basin reports page:
there is a link that reads "oder a printed report" which is a mispelling.
oder is spelled odor.
thought you would like to no.
If it's after the middle of November it's raining here and will continue to do so with greater and lesser ferocity until after the Rose Festival next June. Oops! the moss of the trees is bright enough to read by tonight.
Thanks Seraphine - I caught that today too. And there are those who love to odor on every report that comes along...

Susan, maybe climate change will bring sunny springs...or maybe it will rain till August!
Hi Gary
We have just received some welcome rain which narrowly averted the proposed implementation of the dreaded stage 4 restrictions so we are all mightily relieved.
As bloggers we echo one another’s thoughts all the time, the climate here in Melbourne has been steadily changing since we moved from Sydney in 1982, it’s now less cold with longer summers whilst Sydney has become more tropical. Like further north in Brisbane.
The Columbia Basin report is a very thoughtful project and I think it will be of immense help to the local communities. Congratulations are in order not only for its excellent comprehensive content and links but also for the idea of enlisting volunteers into the project to encourage co ownership. I think I already detect an abundant community spirit in its breezy informative friendly style which won me over the more I read.

Best wishes
wow! can't believe your out paddling!! it looks superb! if I ever get back to visit Nelson you'll have to take me out for a tour. the water looks so fab.
Lindsay, thanks for the thoughtful comments - and I can take some credit for enlisting the volunteers :) Maybe next time we should bring in one from Oz...

Claire - come anytime and I'd be honoured to take you for a tour.
Wow! That's an amazing report! It must have taken a lot of time. What a great resource for people in that area.

After near-record highs last week, we're starting to cool down a little here in Colorado. This year, we had the warmest Halloween I can ever remember. It's very weird.

Beautiful photo!
Thanks Carol - I used to live in Colorado (Colorado Springs and Denver) - I love it.
Gary it's freezing here and we've got snow. No fair. I'd rather be seeing what you were a few days back.
Hi Gary! Pacific NW- it has been unseasonably warm. but we've had our share of rain & fog.

the snow's not early - for here - we've often had snow before Halloween.... doesn't usually stay the first time, but it's usually had a look around the neighborhood. just shovelled another couple of inches off the sidewalk today, and it's -10C. but i wore the fab scarf i won over at Susan's and was snug as the proverbial rug dwelling bug.
you must be really busy! i thought you'd have some commentary on the pariliament closing or the upcoming christmas holidays. hope you are enjoying yourself. hugs.

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