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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Hangover

I feel sick, like I had a rough night. But I didn't have any fun, so it's not one of THOSE hangovers. It's the kind where you wish you could wake up and start again.

Lowest voter turnout in history (about 60%). The Conservatives have a (slightly larger) minority government now. The Liberals are sinking. The Greens got lots of votes, but not a seat. The NDP have a few more seats but are still 4th. The Bloq (Quebec separatiste partie) saved our bacon by not letting Harper get the seats he needed there for the majority.

Here's the result:

Seats won/leading



bloc quebecois

new democrats


155 seats required for
majority government

My NDP candidate, and friend, Alex Atamenenko won in this riding - a bright spot in a cloudy sky.

Here is an edited version of my friend Brian's take on the election (thanks Brian, out in Nova Scotia):

Ah yes, the election. I am trying to look on the bright side. The egomaniac from hell did not get his majority. Sadly, the Libs and NDP did not get enough seats to be able to form an alternative government. The Liberals will now have to do something about Dion. Rae is a Chr├ętien clone (clown) and Ignatieff thinks he is Pierre. I am not sure the Canadian public will prefer either one as a replacement.

I was sorry that the Greens will not have at least one seat. I think their credibility is bound to suffer. Thibeault, my local Liberal, did go down to defeat to one of the few Conservative seats in the province, but Bryson made it okay - I had some dealings with him when I was with the Cancer Society and like him. For sentimental reasons, I was also pleased to see (Trudeau) made it. So I guess we are now in for at least two more years of 'deus ex machina' rule from the PM's office.

Comments anyone?

Great photo - in a perverted kind of way...

Regarding, "It's the kind where you wish you could wake up and start again.", I know that feeling. After the last two presidential elections in the states, I felt the same way.

I'm sorry. Both for you and the world.
me too, Gar.... same hangover w/o the happy 'night before'. blah. once again we are down, but not defeated. place the left foot... lift the right, place the right... lift the left, place the left.... repeat till exhaustion ensues. rest. do it all again..... and, as the Sesame Street song goes, "that's how we get.... from here to there."

love the picture. it's going on my desktop.
the bright side is a majority government wasn't elected. it seems to me when one party has a majority, the party ideals go down the proverbial rabbit's hole. the promise of a balanced budget, for instance, disappears faster than smoke in a hurricane as the ruling party carves out special favors to themselves.
from my limited view (california doesn't border canada, but hey, one can argue that california doesn't even border california), the liberal parties in canada are too dispersed. to have any impact, they need to unite better and elect somebody that can address or speak to the needs of all the liberal parties. clearly, there are more uniting qualities than differences, and these should be a shared agenda in future elections.
At least you don't have a two party system! I may have to vote for the Green Party here the U.S. just to make a statement since my vote won't count anyway.
If the mountain were smooth, we couldn't climb it.

(I'm kinda getting tired of saying that, actually, but I have to keep reminding myself . . . regularly, it seems.)
Commiserations on the election result which is all rather disappointing!

I notice the record low voter turnout continues to follow that long term trend and maybe highlights the need to create a better vision to persuade more people to take an interest and vote!

Best wishes
Oh, I got to thinking after I posted my earlier comment with that quote, and decided to come back to clarify. I totally love that quote. You know. Up there. The one I posted in your comments earlier. I love it. And I stole it. Stolen from a minister, as I recall.

Just didn't want minister quotation theft on my conscience.
Gary, I hope I do not share your sentiment come Nov. 5.

Sixteen days and counting...
Thanks all - it's interesting to have the perspectives of those outside Canada (you too of course Gfid).

I have to add that many of us here do like minority governments, because it forces them to work with others to get anything done. Some of the best policy came under Pierre Trudeau's partnership with the left-leaning NDP in the 70's - he needed them to say in power.

Good luck on November. If you elect Obama, you'll have the more liberal leader between us. Or at least the more compassionate human being.
Will it be safe to come home?

So far as Nov 5th is concerned the popular vote will definitely go to Obama. What concerns me is the Electoral College. If it's close enough to steal they will.

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