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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Alert! - Two female poiticians on my mind...

No need for an alert really, and these politicians couldn't be more different.

1. Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, has been shut out of the televised leaders debates. This was done mainly by Stephen Harper and the Conservatives (the PM said he would not attend if she was there). The other 'boys' followed suit, although apparently the Liberals welcomed her. The Green Party has candidates in 307 ridings, a sitting member of Parliament and are strong in the polls. This is an affront to democracy in Canada, whether you would ever vote Green or not. Here's a link to a petition if you care to make your voice heard.

Breaking News Tuesday: She's in!

2. Governor Palin: Canadians tend to be pretty nice folks and don't usually come out with fangs bared. But if you can handle a hot piece of writing by Heather Mallick (on Sarah Palin as VP), put on your sunglasses and go here.

Here's a little taste:
I assume John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential partner in a fit of pique because the Republican money men refused to let him have the stuffed male shirt he really wanted. She added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn't already have sewn up, the white trash vote, the demographic that sullies America's name inside and outside its borders yet has such a curious appeal for the right.

Let the political horses run!

it's perfectly boring of mr. harper to say he wouldn't attend if elizabeth may spoke in the debates. it sounds completely juvenile and unbecoming.
ohh heather mallick is mean and vocal. i like her!
thanks gary for the link.
#1 And so it goes...

#2 Ouch! Well done, Heather!
I did sign the petition because (as Crow pointed out) belonging to the Green Party means borderless representation for all sentient beings.

#2 - what beth said and sera too :-)
Thanks for the links. Politics are on my mind today too.
I read through the article Gary, can't help it - it was brilliant and colorful. I like that. But then I read through quite a few comments left there. Most of them attacked Mallick heavely, but never addressed the real issues she put down.
What is this Gary - do we live in a society of overwhelming personal cult instead of addressing real issues at hand? If critics of Mallick can't or are not even able to pick up the towel and point out where the dirty spots are in her narrative, where do we land?
I regress, it's a shame. In the classic ancient "liberal arts training" there used to be a course that had to be taken by students, I would call it "discussion and rebuttal". Basically students were trained to apply logical arguments of pro and con of a given topic. Today it is just: Attack this or that personality, and if someone opens their mouth to present more info, they are being scolded on the basis of how they "feel" about that person, not the facts at hand.

Oh, I am ranting again - sorry.
But one line that made me laugh of Mallick describing Palin sticks out to me:
...clothes that are clinging yet boxy and a voice that could peel the plastic seal off your new microwave.
I thought that was funny.

Maybe we should all move to Iceland. But I understand that learning the language there is a bit difficult.
Just a thought, cheers - me.
i hate "discussion and rebuttal" because i hate being wrong, or more specifically, being told that i am wrong when i've already made up my mind.
i'm saying this rather tongue-in-cheek (while clothed in a grain of truth), which how i took heather mallick's comments.
Matt Damon says Palin thinks dinosaurs were here 400 years ago.
Came over to check in again. Okay, politics schmolitics, tell us about your romance. If you want. Not that I'm being nosy. Only if you want.
Hi Gary

I noticed Heather Mallick has also some excellent articles over at CBC news as well. Quite sharp and to the point. I notice she also has her own newly established blog site, do you know her?
Best wishes
Thanks everyone. I'm on the road so not as on top of blogging as I like.

Cheri - what would you like to know :)

Lindsay, I don't know Heather Mallick but have corresponded with her and admire her work.
America loves Bill Clinton because he is a goddam white trash Baptist from Arkansas. I miss Bill!!!
"stuffed male shirt" makes me wonder if men use tissue or if they have to revert to cosmetic surgery (ie: republican implants).

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