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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The beat was kept

Zoey performs...

Keep the Beat was a huge success. More than 1,000 Nelsonites and visitors came the to Lakeside Park to hear eight bands and to boogie in the warm sun and swim in the lake. At the end of the night, it appears that about $12,000 will be sent off to War Child Canada to help their work. It's becoming a community event that people look forward to, and a youth development project extraordinaire.

Check out some of the musicians (and their tunes):
James Lamb
Aspen Switzer
Miss Emily Brown
Mushana Marimba
Gemma Luna
Moither Mother
Kasia Juno

My daughter Zoey performed too - if anyone can tell me how to put an MP3 on the blog, I'll post one of her songs.

As the bookkeeper, roadie, police liaison, dad for all requests and orders... I was pooped for days.

The organizing crew - all the girls and Eli...

Rosie and Zoey decorate the park

Mother Mother rock the park

I'm very glad to know it turned out so well. Beautiful kids and a fine dad. Goes without saying but I will - excellent cause. Congratulations to all.
It's important to stay involved and enjoy what you are doing. Congratulations and best wishes to all.
Glad to hear the event was such a success - and that you survived your multi-tasking!
Thanks Susan, Sera and Beth. Good feeling.
Awesome! Good work Zoey!
Sometimes I envy you - maybe today is that day!
Cheri - thanks for your support. If you send me a mailing address, I have something to send you. ockenden@netidea.com
Thanks Zee - I envy you your creativity and passion my friend.
About flippin' time.


-love that name.
That doll looks like her dad! I hadn't realized that before.
Gary you're such a great dad! Are you still pooped or have you sufficiently recuperated? speaking of wars.. what a timing..
wish I could help you with the Mp3 thingies but I'm totally deficient in that department myself!


Gary -Congratulations to Zoey, you and all of the team who raised such a significant sum of money in what is no doubt an artful expression of Nelson's wonderful community spirit of enjoyment.

Best wishes
i have this image of zoey
leading the nelsonites
out of the desert
to the promised land.
Sarah, Scarlet, Ingrid, Lindsay and Seraphine - thanks for the fine comments (and int verse too Sera).

Lindsay - you're right about the sort of spirit in this community too - it's a good one.
Gary... email me the mp3 and I'll host it on my ftp site and put it online for you!

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