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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Thanks to Ryan Gillis for the poster (click to see the cool detail)

The organizers of Keep the Beat last year

For the third year, a group of girls in Nelson, including daughter Zoey, are putting on a 10 hour concert in Lakeside Park, Nelson BC. The event raises money for War Child Canada and they've sent about $20,000 so far for this work. It also brings the community together (1,000 plus last year) and gives these young women amazing skills and experience. I'm their adult sponsor... I do what I'm told.

If you're in the area, come on out! If you want to donate, let me know. If you want to check out the headline act from Vancouver, go here Mother Mother. This is a hot indie band, who I loved before this came up.

Young people are da bomb (and inspiring too).

Young people are da bomb!!!

Zoey & Laura! It's a sign.

What a wonderful effort. Please let me know how to support it.

Email me at [title of my blog] at gmail dot com to let me know how.
That would be just "blogthismom"

Without the exclamation point.

Sorry to be cryptic. I'll explain by email.
So many young people are inspiring and it's wonderful when one of those kids happens to be your own!
Good to note you know your place re: this event - doing what you're told. How things change between parents and children...

Great poster.
I wish you all well with this year's event. It's getting bigger , isn't it? Happy days and great music.
Awesome. Will you be posting vid?

you're wonderful and awesome for being a sponsor of such a great event.
young people like this are the future, not only of canada, but also of the world.
it sounds like great fun too.
Thanks for your support Cheri.

Beth, that's true in this case!

Susan, yes, it's getting bigger and more of a recognized community event than a one-off fundraiser. Our Member of Parliament (NDP) will be there this year, he's going to speak about children's rights.

Sarah, I don't know how to post video! But I should learn, shouldn't I?

Sera - thanks! It's easy to support kids like this.
That is so cool. Wish I could see it.
how fun that young women should do something worthwhile instead of chasing boys and getting pregnant..ha.. (ok, chasing boys can still happen but I'm sure they've got their heads screwed on tight)..
how have you been Gary? Recuperating from the last couple of mos? Wow..what a whirlwind that was..BC is so beautiful this time of year, I sometimes wonder when I'll ever get to go back to visit..

good luck to the girls with their cause..


Hello, Gary.
Still no Warchild USA, so until then, I support Warchild Canada, and grateful for the opportunity.

That's a really cool poster. I could pick it apart to note how cool each part of it is, but really, everything about it is cool.
So who was it that did that anyway?

Was looking through some posters the other day, and a few really stood out to me. These were by Canadian artist Bob Masse of Vancouver. It's sort of a modernized art nouveau thing, tastefully done.
Apparently, he's been around for awhile and has done some high profile stuff, but I'm just finding out about him now.

Not pertinent, but something of a logical extension:
I would say the greatest album art of all time would be A Space Ritual by Hawkwind. That album is worth owning just for the cover.
If you know of anything cooler than that, then say so.
Well, it's obvious where Zoey gets all her coolness from. =)
Even bigger and better than last year !!.

Congratulations to Zoey and all of those who helped organise this wonderful event including yourself.

Best wishes
Gar- camping AND canoeing this weekend. I'll be sure to take a creative pic of the boat for ya. =)

Ugh. The above post was from me. Didn't realize I was using my husband's login. Embarrassing!
how did it go?

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