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Friday, July 11, 2008

A musical interlude...

The pace is slowing down, at least on the outside. More later.

Meanwhile, here is a song by Feist, the Canadian indie artist who is becoming known finally. She was up for a few Grammies this year. See what you think about this performance from Paris a couple of years ago.

Hey, blogger buddy Sarah had a nice encounter with Barack Obama and posts some thoughts, some photos and some cool video clips on her site. Have a look. She's one positive woman this Sarah J...

What would you ask Senator Obama if you could? You first!

I'd ask Sen. Obama what he's do to bring fiscal sanity to America. It's crazy that we're in the financial situation that we're in.

Also: Why is the world so stupid?
Good questions Seraphine! Yes, what about that HUGE deficit and debt? Percentage of tax decrease benefits that went to the top 1% of earners under Bush? 75%
The deficit is about to get even bigger. Can you spell bail-out?
There's time to turn things around, but the US has to move to being a smaller, less militaristic power. Not all empires collapse in a heap, think of the Brits, Spanish and Dutch - they're pretty cool countries, all lost empires. Good luck down there!
BRAT! (Had to get that out of the way first.)

1) LOVE Feist. Or at least a couple of her songs.

2) All your blogger buddies are going to answer my Barack question on YOUR blog. My Barack coverage is looking sad and lonely. HELP! =)

I just might copy and paste your comments on mine. HA!


PS -Thanks for the compliments.
I would ask him to appoint Gary to his Cabinet (and to overlook Gary's Canadian citizenship in the matter, of course).
Sarah! I'm not a brat, I just liked your question. Hey, I did give everyone a link to you. Look all you bloggers: if you haven't visited Sarah J. - do it now please. For my sake :)

Cheri. I'm flattered... and if he calls, I accept.
Glad everything came out okay with you Gary. (Uh, no pun intended?) Thanks for your kind words too.
Oh, and I visited Sarah, commented, and mentioned you'd sent me. :-)
Thanks Cheri - Sarah, give me a break now, will ya? :)
I'm feeling charmed this morning.

You have been redeemed. =)
I'm off now to see Sarah! =]

I want to know how he plans to survive in Washington without turning on the American people who will vote for him.
You're not a brat?
Not even a little?
Aww... you're people are SWEET! They keep coming. YES! =)
Sera - yes, I might be a brat now and then. It's what I do.

Nice that everyone's dropping in on Sarah.
Would he send his children to public school in the ghetto? And if not (and probably not, mind you) how does he plan to reform "No Child Left Behind"?

Which is exactly what I will tell Sarah when I get there.
i heard the final proof that Leslie Feist is SOMEBODY on CBC radio the other day. at the end of a recording that i was certain was her, the DJ announced someone i'd not heard of before.... imitation is never wasted on nobodies. i hope fame doesn't ruin her. she really is something special. .... Sen. Obama..... given a chance to ask him anything i'd most certainly get all tongue tied and shy. i'm not good at asking big questions. and i'm just cynical enough to think the conversation would be fruitless, if i did manage to come up with something profound. no matter how well intentioned they start out, politicians all eventually just become little cogs in a machine far bigger than them and their ideals.

got friends going out your way for the Kaslo music festival in a couple of weeks. i'm trying not to hate them for it. it's beautiful country.

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