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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Apologies in advance...

last year's visit to Prince Rupert - from the Crest Hotel window

I'm entering a crazy, interesting time for the next 6 weeks or so. During that time, in addition to eating, sleeping and seeing my kids and friends when I can - I'll be traveling and working. I'll be flying/driving to (the map shows only northern BC): Prince George (X2), Vancouver, Kelowna, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Smithers, Toronto (Amnesty meeting), Quesnel, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, Vanderhoof, Mckenzie and the Robson Valley.

Are you tired yet? I think I am!

So I'll watch your blogs and will post now and then, but consider this fair notice that this blog may be boring.

Here's a question that I'll leave you with - an important one to me.

"How do you define balance in your life and how are you doing at achieving it?"

Have a safe trip.

Balance? What is this balance?

Seriously, I look at the glass half full. Because it is.
Oh, and if you go to my recent post "Over the Threshold" that explains it best, I suppose.
AAAH Kelowna!! That's the first place I visited when I visited Canada as a wee one! My sister lived there and I have fond memories of the 6 long weeks we stayed in the summer of '72. I could walk aall the way to the lake (for n 8yr old) which was about a mile and a half away) and just play at the beach.. what a blast I had there.
Have fun traveling Gary. At least the highways through the Rockies are a whole lot better than in that year too! Mind you, I have other stories to tell from when I drove through the Rockies in 1990 but that's for another time..
I have no idea what balance is, and my best guess is that I'll know it when I see it?

What about you?
How to achieve it? Many pathways are open. Each one for its own purpose.
It depends on what kind of balance you wish to attire.
"Balance in life" is too broad of a spectrum to seriously answer this question...
Thanks Cheri - for your words, your story and your positive, loving energy.

I'll post some pictures Ingrid - maybe you'll have some flashbacks. My mother lives in Kelowna by the way - right on the lake.

Zee and Scarlet - THAT'S why I asked the question dudes! :) I want others' wisdom on what balance means to them. Me? A lot of the time it means not falling over, literally and metaphorically. In my life, I can feel when I'm out of whack sometimes - when I know that I need something to focus me, or slow me down or help me appreciate rather than despair...

I'm not sure that 'life balance' in terms of work/family/fun/spirit/learning etc. is what I mean. Although sleep would be good right now.
OK. Now that you've read "Threshold" head over to Derfwad Manor's Slow Cook Thursday today (link on my blog today). Read how I'm balancing now. There's a bass player involved -- and he looks a lot like Joel Grey.

Okay, I lied about the Joel Grey part.

Seriously, Gary, have a safe trip and come back soon.
Thanks Cheri - you may now take the elevator with the bass player, who is Joel Grey's younger brother in Jesus.
Prayer and sleep. =)
Balance for me is making sure the baby is safe and taken care of, my puppies are walked and fed, the house is warm and comforting, and that I'm not too exhausted after work to make sure of all of the above (I don't ask for much in life).

I'm not a great juggler, but somehow it just gets done.

Enjoy your time away, Gary! And don't forget to drop us a quick note here and there to let us know how you're doing.
Balance? When the ups outweigh the downs - and they usually do. And when they don't? A little time out for quiet reflection and "me" time.

Enjoy your crazy, interesting times ahead.
Gary ~as the philosophers concluded a life is one worth living to the fullest and being in good heath is indeed a blessing, as poor heath it is what is feared most in ageing and reduces life choices. Hence looking after both our physical , mental and spiritual states is the essential ingredient to a balanced life, in its many facets and of love itself, that is of love for our life teachers, appreciation of the glimpses of light shining out of the darkness, to personal relationships, and in love for ourselves. I also think we can become over analytical (which I may be doing at he moment) in relation to say just the mind, body, consciousness, the role of the ego, beliefs and so on since all are inextricably linked. Trying to place more importance on one or the other will create the very imbalance we are seeking to avoid.
None of those aspects mentioned are inherently good or bad, any more than you could say the heart is wiser than the mind, as both send messages to one another, the mind to the heart the heart to the mind. You won’t always be firing effectively on all cylinders but by paying attention sensibly to each in a balanced and healthy manner you’re likely to be in much better shape overall. Listen to your mind, body and spirit to create your unique life balance.

good trip -sounds like a wonderful life work balance !
i've been to victoria, vancouver and fraser lake. it's so pretty up there. one day i'd like to take the train from vancouver to montreal, and go up into the laurentians. that is, if they don't let sick people on the train. i don't have any desire to travel with a novovirus.
travel is good for the soul. in a sense, its seeking one's fortune, a picaresque possibility, the probability of finding something you don't already have at home on the coffee table. people that travel are more interesting than people that don't, if you like to hear unlikely stories and adventures (the non-travellers have nothing to talk about other than the weather, gossip and Keeping Up with the Kardashians).
Wishing you safe travels.
When I don't have to follow that too pretty girl Beth, for starters. I just got back from the cardiologist's office to check my clotting factor--last week it was too clotless, this week I am not clotless enough. So, no balance here. And my damn glass is always half empty. What a bunch of fucking optimists you have here. Is this what Canadians are like? All perkily glass half full types? Do you let pessimists cross the border?

And since you are commenting on all these comments, my bet is you have your laptop with you, and that you are just using this trips as another excuse to play dead and not write a real post, and not go visiting. Are all Canadians as lazy as you?
Utah got me smiling...

I had a client once that came into my office, beaming after having taken a sea kayaking trip off of B.C. I decided that I wanted to sign up for a trip - if I only got to take one more vacation in my life, THAT would be the vacation I'd want. We left Prince Rupert for an un-named, uninhabited little island (you have so many of those!) and kayaked for days in magical waters of extreme tides and colorful sea life. That great memory is what came up when you listed the places of your travels. Aaaahhhh. If I didn't have such strong reactions to those little bugs that bit my ankles, I'd go back right now.

Balance in life. I don't know what it is. Are we supposed to have it? What does it look like? Maybe it's only being present to all the imbalances that occur in every moment. How am I doing at achieving it? This moment is just fine.

Pleasant travels to you!
This is rich!

Sarah - I don't picture you sleeping!I think your smile is part of your balancing act.

Nova - you've got it down to the basics. You seem to read a lot of books too - is that part of it?

Beth - nice and thanks...

Seraphine - wow! Fraser Lake too! You've been around ... and I agree, travel is good in many ways. I like the in-betweeness of it. I love trains for that, although there aren't many around here anymore.

Utah - you're sweet! I just love you sharing your clotting update with us and I think you're a wishy-washy polite Canadian at heart, but you're repressing it. Put you in a canoe with a loon singing in the background... and anything could happen. Yeah, always have the laptop.

Carol - maybe it was the Queen Charlotte Islands, also known as Haida Gwaii. It sounds wonderful. I don't know if we're supposed to have balance or how to get it, that's why I asked you guys :)

Lindsay - you are definitely the person I would award a Thoughtful Blogger prize to. I really like what you wrote about the heart and the mind... and the obvious, but forgotten point that good health underlies much of what we feel or not. I suspect you're finding what balance is in the way you describe it.
Late to the thread or not I guess my answer would have to be that I always keep a nice pair of ballet flats and a parasol nearby for those times I have to dance across the tightrope. Do they still have one of those over Niagra Falls? I may have to make a quick escape :-)
Balance? Is that the same
as not falling asleep at your
desk on a Monday morning?
Wow, Gary.

FYI, I grew up in Terrace. I recently made contact with people there that I haven't seen in 11 years, it's the coolest thing. Have fun with the lowest sunshine in the country!

See you in Toronto!
boy, you even know how to get us wishy-washy polite Canadian folks going! balance? never heard of it!!! or is it right up there with 'normal'? isn't difficulty with balance the reason for most of the genius in this wobbly old world?

ok - seriously, you're going to have to define the question a bit more. 'balance' is a pretty vague word.

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