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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Aspen Switzer and Thistledowne...

Aspen Switzer is a young friend who I admire so much - as a fine human being and as a terrific songwriter and musician. She's touring Western Canada now and I took in her show last night at the Kootenay Gallery in Castlegar, BC. In addition to many tunes from her first CD, she and the band (Jesse and Jessa) played some new songs and a few covers. Two favs for me: her new song Twenty-five and the cover of Leonard Cohen's Halleluah.

If you're able to see her, do. If you want to check out her music and other stuff, go here.

Here's a video I posted some time ago - bit wintery! It's filmed where I live...

And here's an atypical song, but a bit more of Aspen.

I wish I'd heard her sing Hallelujah, I'm smitten by that song all over again lately.

She's delightful. Thanks for the intro to her.
Lovely voice, sweet smile and a delightful laugh. And a bonus - a song that mentions hockey!
I love listening to live music. When it's music (or with a person) you connect with, everything is right with the world. It's sharing a frequency.

Hallelujah is a beautiful song. Hockey? I guess you have to be Canadian...
Beautiful. So pure. Thank you for sharing. I'll have to download some of her music. Awesome!
What's the other rendition of "Halleluja" by a male person other than Cohen? I listened to it several times - stunning!
I wish I could find "her" version - I tried but failed.
Zee - I think Rufus Wainwright has done it as have some other guys. My favourite version is by kd lang. Maybe I'll post it sometime.

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