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Monday, March 10, 2008

President (Lame Duck) Bush vetoes anti-torture law

Don't let him do this. He's a smug, mean, ignorant, superstitious person and it would be great to send him packing this year by respecting human rights. Turn America around. Not that I have an opinion.

Go here to find out what you can do, especially if you're a US citizen.
I'm still on the road, but needed to purge this to contine...
I'll feel better after a double espresso and a (careful) mountain drive home later today.

I checked the link.
Disturbing. Very.

Re: combining a double espresso and a mountain drive. Alert is good, jittery is not...
happy trails, drive safe. nothing beats a double espresso on a long drive. ...on Georgie... you left out arrogant.
Is that sign for real??? I'm known to be a bit gullible at times....
Apparently Americans love torture, how else can you explain Prime Time Television?
Hi Beth - good to see you. Still digging out from another snow?

Yes Grannyfiddler, let's add arrogant. Hope your Ottawa trip is/was terrific.

Sarah, you are open, not gullible! (I'm not sure about the sign...)

Good point Fairlane. In fact, I believe they're forcing the dudes in Guantanamo to watch American Idol again and again and again....
"Stop! For Allah's sake, I'll tell you anything, just stop!!"
It is a great sign although nowadays you can't ever believe you're not looking at photoshop.

Hope you're home safe.
Torture is wrong, no matter the justification. It's morally repugnant.
Gary, I shared the comment you posted on my blog regarding my mom with her. I love how words can encourage. Yours did. Thank you!
We can all create and sign a petition on: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/

There are other petitions there that relate to overriding Bush's veto of the anti-torture law.

I recommend all to check it out.

Ottawa was fab... and i didn't even manage to hurt myself very badly on the canal.

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