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Saturday, February 16, 2008

How Canadian!

Love many

trust few
and always paddle your own canoe

Some of you know that I won a canoe in an SPCA raffle. There are two things you don't know. The first is that I bought the ticket from the booth at the hockey rink simply to say hello and introduce myself to one of the woman selling them (a natural and friendly thing to do, resulting in a new canoe). The second is that I haven't paddled yet because it's been too cold and if I fall in the lake I'll be a humansicle...so the canoe is parked right outside my bedroom, where I can see it and dream. I may paddle along the shore if the sun stays out today...

This morning I went out to say good morning to Canoe and noticed that someone had been poking around looking at it last night. How did I know that? By the prints in the snow. And it's someone who is very unlikely to ever go paddling with me.

Congrats on the Canoe! :) I might ask to borrow it someday! And how cute are those footprints? lol
Cloven hooves huh?

Just as I suspected.

We're on your trail Beelzebub.
If you go paddling in your new canoe, wear a wetsuit! The sun may be shining but that water will be COLD! Of course, if you are an expert paddler, you will never tip. (Said with tongue in cheek...)
I thought ducks flew south for the winter? Maybe she was looking at your canoe with the idea of building a nest under it.
I think ducks are good luck, like seeing an albatross while sailing, because I have a friend who says "love a duck" all the time.
If she lays eggs, you can't go canoeing until they hatch.
OH- and the most important thing! You *have* to ask that girl that sold you the ticket to go with you. Otherwise, what's the point?
I was just joking about the duck prints by the way.
I'm not that stupid.
Even I can tell the footprints were made by a platypus.
Vee, I can't promise the footprints will be here, but you can come anytime and borrow the canoe.

Fairlane... yes and there was steam coming off them at first - hmmmm.

Beth, I'm a modest paddler, capable of tipping for sure.

Seraphine - yes, it was a platypus! Apparently it rode all the way from Australia on the back of a deer. What a sight! :)
Are you sure the steam was coming off the hoofprints? I'd be finding me a city to live in if I saw that..

off I go singing 'Tippy Canoe and Tyler too'.. whatever that means.
I love a canoe. I'm not too bad with the paddling, either.
Gasp! That fairlane is so smart! I never would have made that cloven hoof connection. Not YOU, G!
Well you still paddle your own canoe but share its occupation with other Homo sapiens.

Last time I took out a kayak with a mate I capsized it in freezing water trying to disengage a jammed rudder which was foot operated.

No doubt your well experienced in such matters.

Best wishes
I have a funny canoe story-- we bought a canoe when the kids were little, on a hot summer day we took turns TRYING to tip the canoe & practice trying to get back in. Not so easy! Newer canoe designs don't tip so easily- but for sure, better to test the limits on a hot summer day when you WANT to go swimming.
People on the shore were giving us some pretty funny looks-- why do these people keep falling out of their canoe? If they are that clumsy, maybe they should not be out there in watercraft!

Now we need a cartoonist to draw a sketch of a deer making off in your new canoe!
Omigosh, that's hysterical...! I love it! Talk about curious.

And congratulations on your new canoe. Lucky you! Canoeing is one of my favorite things to do.
I really wanted to get out on Lake Kootenay but did not find the time, its first on the list if I get back.
congrats! there's nothing like a canoe and good company. i hope you won some really nice paddles with it. i used to canoe a lot with my kids. too big a boat to get on top of the truck all by myself, so i've sold it.
Hi Gary,

I'm here! I left a comment earlier not realizing that it is connected to an older blog of yours...so it is somewhere but if it will take you a while to find it...I am leaving another one in your newer blog...Great reading and I am sure you had fun writing too as I have my own msn blog...quite liberating..just did not have enough time to complete my thought in one sitting...


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