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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Adiós para ahora

I'm off to Mexico for a few weeks. I'll be working a bit and have my laptop so you'll see some posts and if I'm in a taunting mood (for you Canadians and wintery Americans), I'll post photos too. This photo is from the local bus last year - taken on the main street of La Manzanilla at rush hour.

Best to each of you.

In the words of famous Canadian, Jasper Friendly Bear,"Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs"

hey there...new visitor to your blog. looking forward to seeing pics from your trip. I was just in Mazatlan, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, had a great time too.

Have a great time.
I am very envious. It's raining and cold here.
it is cold here..so please do post warm sunny photos...and tell us stories..have a wonderful time....
Hi Gary

I responded to your tag-
see my blog.

Viva Mexico!

Be careful with your belongings as there is nothing a man hates more than to lose his bits and pieces from within those cherished valises.

Don’t forget to join in as first trombone, (in the spirit of things ) with “La Cu-ca ra cha”! or any of the wonderful music of latin America.
Rush hour? Looks more like Siesta!
What signs?
I'm in Buenos Aires again, it's 9 in the morning, and about 32C out.

What I wouldn't give for a little snow...
many blessing for the new year.
but Nelson looks so pretty under all the snow. . . .
Mexico sounds beautiful this time of year. I hope you are enjoying yourself.
Best wishes for a wonderful 2008.
Happy New Years to you....hope it is lovely down there..thank you for all of your great blogging this year....
Happy New Year, Gary! Let's pray for a helathy and peaceful 2008.
Have a safe trip and yes... I'm envious, too. N.E. Ohio is blanketed in inches of snow and we have biting 20 mile per hr winds.
Fiesta and Siesta sounds good. Trying to do the same over here. Bring back lots of salsa picante!!
Feliz Anos Nuevo
Thanks to all. I'll post something this morning. I've just be soooo busy.

Scarlet - you'll know the signs when you see them!

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