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Sunday, December 09, 2007

The afternoon was just write...

One of Evelyn's paintings in the cafe (36 by 36)

Our ad on the door...

How could you not?

Our local Amnesty Write for Rights event yesterday was fun, at least my shift in the Kootenay Baker (there were two other locations also). Lots of people came in from the cold for a warm drink and to sign a card or write a letter.

My shift partners were sisters Helene and Sarah - who would brighten up any mid-winter day. And the paintings on the wall this month (Evelyn Kirkaldy) are stunning acrylics, filled with light and colour (and lots of paint).

Beautiful place, people and paintings. A great example of local action for a global cause.
Glad it went well for you.
My letter is done!
What a beautiful room and lovely gals, too. The paintings are amazing! As for the cause, well...once again, you're the man.
I love the colors that Evelyn uses in her paintings- Nice warm colors in the midst of winter. It sounds like you had a constructive and enjoyable weekend. Hugs!
Ha, the master of blaster again!
I am tired and my computer is still fragile, though improved.
Therefore not many words from me, got to keep it nimble.
Anyhow, your project (mission) seemed to have been a success. Congratulations!
Yours, Lukas.
I can see that! Congratulations on all of your great work and that of the amazing team assisting Amnesty in their endeavours to make the world a better place. If we could only blend the spiritual and ethical together; to that way of thinking, then to supersede those belief based system which perpetrate crimes against humanity.

Best wishes for Christmas
Susan - yeah... and fun!

Beth - thanks and it can really help.

Scarlet - and you da woman!

Seraphine, why am I not surprised that you take such note of beauty in art?

You're always nimble Lukas. Strong too.

Yes Lindsay, in the end, it's the prevention of these abuses that's the goal... and it comes down to consciousness, doesn't it?
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