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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tis the season...to do less

- by UK guerilla artist, Banksy (There is always hope)

Is it only me or do others feel a slight tensing out there in blogging world? I have a theory...

Along with family, friends, time off, and a relentless sense that all is supposed to be merry - there is a lot of seasonal stress. Financial stress, expectations stress, family-dynamics stress, throat-tightening memories stress, pleasing-others stress and so on...

Maybe there's also blogger stress. So many friends' blogs to visit. So many posts to put up... and so little time. It becomes one more brick on the load.

My message to each of you for December 2007. Give yourself permission to do less. Blog if you wish - but take a break if you'd like. Visit my blog if you can - see you in January if that works better for you.

Apropos to not much (although Christmas is supposed to be connected to the big guy), here's a quote that I like.

"If it turns out that there is a God, I don't think that he's evil. But the worst that you can say about him is that basically he's an underachiever." - W. Allen

If anything, blogging should be something enjoyable, not obligatory.
I can relate. Blogging is obligatory for me, now that it's how I make my living. Deadlines are a pain.

I don't think God is an underacheiver, He's just a hands-off kind of owner, most of the time.
Skip Christmas, right into January? No way! I need my daily Gary blog fix.
I hear you! As I race around the blogging world trying to catch up.
Thank you for your message/gift - I'll try.
Hey Gary, I do feel the stress...or I did feel the stress of constantly blogging. However you'll have noticed that I haven't written a word in many months. At first I felt guilt, but now I don't even have time to feel guilty. lol So Amen, to your words.

Wonderful graffiti!!!!!
That quote cracked me up.
It's funny Gary that the parallel post on my blog has the same S U N B U R S T: Hurry>message, only in perhaps sarcastic (and therefore) upside down tones. And it was written slightly before yours. We must be in sync!
Oh, gosh, trust Woody Allen to hit the nail on the head.

My philosophy is just to go with the flow. Work is stressful enough, I don't need to add more stress to my life. Christmas used to be fun. We would get a tree a few days before Christmas, put it up, cook a turkey, open gifts, visit friends, have friends visit.

Now the Christmas season begins a few days before Halloween, and the stress mounts. I have friends who are already putting up their trees, for goodness sake. That's completely ridiculous!
I'm not feeling it but then, I'm not a shopper. My husband has already done his christmas shopping part 1. Me? I'm getting ready to run or at least partly run my first 5K (as opposed to just walking it). Every year I tell myself to be prepared before this whole sales hullabaloo starts but every year it creeps up on me. Don't you just hate all those people buying things that are so clearly impulse buys?
Oh well, I'll do what I usually do. Take a day or so to 'get it over with' and get things for the near and dear. Those not so near but still very dear, I'll renew whatever subscription I gave them. That such a more useful present they can enjoy the whole year!
dear gary,

i just heard naomi wolf on 'democracy now' and she has always been such an incredible inspiration to me - you might want to check out the link http://www.americanfreedomcampaign.org/

I find that with the first big snow (happening right now for me) i get very contemplative and attempt to go outside of my world - i guess the holidays allow me to reflect and go global with my energy. that can only happen when i give myself permission to do less.

(i have been off work for a month though so we will see what happens tomorrow morning when i head back to the office!)

talk soon,

Love it! I've been working on giving myself permission to do less for quite some time now-- even taking it into the physical realms & gettig rid of *stuff*. We used to feel so obliged to do it all- last year we got around to putting up the tree & lights, but had consensus that putting up ornaments was more than we had energy to do.
Lots of times we see something we might want to do, and then do a reality check if we have the energy to carry it on when the time comes.
The rampant consumerism that has overshadowed the solstice season peaked for me a while ago.
I'd really rather have a nice get together with hot cider & friends, than some stress filled gift giving nightmare obligation.
I can't imagine putting a pine tree in my house..

that would be like putting a moose in my car...just silly..

slow down folks ..
bake some cookies
Hey you crazy bloggers!

Amen back Princess Pointful.

Miss Cellania - nice to see you again , it's been a while and your blog is as humourous as ever.

Beth and Vee - enjoy your downtime if you get some.

Scarlet - you crack me up.

Zee, love the verse and yes, we're in tune brother.

Josie - you seem to stay cool most of the time.

Ingrid, it's the household renos causing any stress you feel!

Dana, thanks for the tip, I'll check Naomi out.

Fran, thanks for dropping by. I really enjoyed visiting your blog.

Cynnie, I'd like to see a moose in your car! But don't let him drive and don't ever give a moose a drink. Those antlers are hell enough when he's sober.
Less shopping more liquor, and Percocets.

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