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Monday, November 26, 2007

Something satirical...something sweet (and strong)...

The first video clip below uses some clever editing to play with George II's words. The second, courtesy of Enigma4ever, is the sound of President Kennedy's voice. She has a terrific post on him.

Where oh where are the leaders today? Where are the people with deep human values, the courage to speak the truth, a vision from within rather than sound bits and the strength to swim against the corrupt, consumeristic, divisive and short-term-thinking river of idiocy being offered today?

Sounds like our Aussie friends have started the ball rolling, by tossing Prime Minister Howard out of office this week. He even lost his own seat...

Who wants to be lead. What's wrong with common sense.
We lack leaders with vision, leaders who inspire us - JFK, RFK, King, Ghandi, Trudeau...
And just as an aside, all those men were extremely well read - unlike some of those currently in power.
Do you think a 15 foot sailboat will make it to Canada from the Midcoast of Maine ... just in case?
A good post; Enigma has had a rough time under the influence of the Bush administration.
I have posted an update on the election which fortunately means we are now witnessing a change in policy away from the influence of ideological factions, proven to be unpopular with swinging voters.
Best wishes
Bohemian - you're right. But we will have leaders, so let's have good ones.

Beth - good point indeed. And well travelled too.

Zee, I think a 15 foot sailboat will make it, but stay close to shore and avoid huge storms. You could take a bus too.

Lindsay - I'm popping by in a minute to see your post. Go Oz go!
Hmmm, sounds the same as it did the first time. ;)
As for the second one, it's rather poignant,eh?

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