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Friday, November 23, 2007

A message to all vegetarians...

Okay, you are vegan or vegetarian or lacto-ovum vegetarian. You may even be a member of PETA. Hell, you may even wear nylon shoes and belts.

You certainly passed on the turkey for Thanksgiving. You don't eat the flesh of the cow. You may even avoid chicken ovums (aka eggs) or the fluid from the udder. I think you owe it to yourself to watch this video by the Canadian band The Arrogant Worms. It's an important message and something that must be faced. (I was vegetarian for 15 years so I know your passion, your righteousness, your sensitivity - I know you.) Enjoy the song.

Hey, this is meant to be funny, don't get your shorts in a knot, whether you're a carnivore, herbivore or ominvore...

Okay, that's it. I'll simply stop eating altogether! (I have no problem giving up peas.)
And have you noticed potatoes actually emit a scream when in the microwave? Somewhat disconcerting.
Great video. My morning smile.
That was great. It's time to stop all this gardening!
This vegetarian doesn't eat meat or use Flash. 99% of the moving, blinking, annoying, exploding ads are animated by Flash. Yes, I miss some YouTube, but my overall net experience is 99% better without it.

Beth. I stab my potatoes with a fork before playing them in the microwave.

Mary. I agree about gardening. Aside from tomatoes and grapes, I get the rest of my produce from Whole Foods. It's efficient.
I couldn't get past the mullet.

I thought they outlawed mullets?

Maybe that was just a wonderful dream.

Nothing but dream...
Seraphine - apologies to you for the videos I keep sticking in here. They all pale compared to your art (honest).

My daughter is not eating animals these days, and I really did go 15 years without (and now eat fish and fowl - chickens being much like a broccoli with feathers).

There's a huge eat-local movement in my area. I get organic veggies and fruit delivered to the door every week - ordered through the web. A real slaughter!

And yes, Fairlane, this song's old enough that there is indeed a mullet - but maybe it's a joke too.
Gary, that's wonderful...! I never understood vegetarians. We are omnivorous. I have a friend who is a strict vegan, and she is always pale, tired and anemic. She has actually lost jobs because she is too fatigued to do her work. She needs to sit down and enjoy a T-bone steak, or a plate of chicken livers done with onions, garlic, green and red peppers.

I'm going to send her this video. :-)
Too funny.. Everything can be take too far and I don't think it matters to the Big Guy what's in your alimentary canal - Gorging is the problem. Can you believe blueberries at Whole Foods for $7.99 for a tiny box? Did they fly in on some first class passenger's lap?

Nice one and I still get misty-eyed when I see a mullet.. or a pullett..
I had a good laugh Gary - thanks so much!
But beyond the laughter there is an actual issue.
How can I say this without stepping on toes - I guess I can't, so I just ramble.
The earth is just so big, as large at it is. You take out your tape-measure and tell me.
But that is not the point, the point is that protein produced on a square mile by plants - is about 20 times (no I'm not kidding - twenty times) more efficient than raising beef, fou or other meats ... like sheep.l...
So there is a practical issue here to start with, one that might matter in the future no matter if you like to eat meat or smash pumpkins.
But - there is always a "but" isn't there - one aught to be fair.
I live in New England. Deers have become a pest in quantity because their natural predators have been decimated by humans.
So now, when I shoot a deer - that graceful animal which I do adore alive, I do not take away of natures life. Simply, because my local environment is so. Therefore I eat venison, I had some tonight!
Yes, the logical answer is to focus on agricultural products, definitely. (Let us have the carrots scream!!!)
But all depends on your own very local environment. Sometimes it is advisable NOT to be a vegetarian... and so the story goes.
And in particular situations, it is not even healthy to be a vegetarian. To explain this, it would need a brand new post.
So if a certain subclass of people become "pests" to your local enviromnent, Zee, despite the fact you "adore" them alive, you'd be willing to kill them to help balance nature?
I can see you shaking your head and saying "what?"
One objectifies life by killing it.
Anyone who kills an animal can also kill a person. Proven fact: That's how serial killers start.
The only things I killed Seraphine so far is a calf who stumbled down a cliff and got fatally hurt, a few chickens, and a cat that was in total agony with her disease.
Oh, I forgot the crows - I dislike these carnivores. But I never actually got one. My shotgun was too antiquated. Those were the days when I worked on a farm.
As for deer, there are no wolfs to take care of the population. They spawn like sperm - just out of control.
So no, I do not feel empathy for the animal if someone kills a deer. You see, I love venison and I do admit it.
Does that make me a serial killer?
I think your logic is bourgeoisie bullshit, Seraphine.
Like the video here, you got to kill the carrot.
Lol. I like you Zee. Hugs.
Gary ~a funny posting which has led to further discussion. I will try to respond as follows, Zee -good points

Vegan warnings, command our respect
But Freegans still remain perplexed
They claim no vegan diet is pure
Eat only what’s locally secure

Gorillas grazing in the mist
Reminders of our shopping list
Chimps like us, devour some meat
The endless cycle, of life bitter sweet

Best wishes
Nice verse Lindsay - and as you note, there is more to be said.

Zee and Seraphine - if you two can make it to Nelson I'll serve you both dinner (a menu with choices of course), with good wine... and we'll sort this out. You can stay here too.

Last night I had my ex sister in law over with her kids and a friend. Two eat-anythings, one only-fish-or-fowl, two vegetarians... and my nephew Otho who mostly likes dessert.

I served a mixed green salad with Tuscan dressing, wild rice, a Thai stir-fry with tofu and almonds... and grilled chicken on the side for those interested. For dessert - red seedless grapes in organic lemon yoghurt... and two chocolate covered raspberries each. A nice Shiraz for booze.

Anyone want to analyze that meal?
yees Gary - I am almost tempted - your menu sounds irresistible!
My wife’s not fit to travel at the moment and for some time, but if she was I would head off across the big pond to Canada and to Nelson to enjoy your company, in good spirits with a wine- (not fussy but also enjoy a Shiraz)to consume such wonderful food as described or what you care to recommend. Best wishes
Poor Otho, you snuck some fruit into his dessert.
Lindsay, sorry to hear your wife's not well. I hope she does soon and would welcome a visit.

Seraphine - I snuck him some extra chocolate, so he was fine...

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