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Sunday, November 04, 2007

If you like stupid, but impressive tricks...this video is for you

Whether you play soccer or not, you have to be impressed by these skills, demonstrated in a simple office. The neat little trick at the end is not to be tried in any of your offices, trust me on this one. May you smile...

We are to trust you regarding that last little trick?
Why? Did you try it?
Is that a ping pong ball?? Very impressive indeed!
Beth, I work in a home office, but haven't tried THAT trick. Maybe you shouldn't trust me on it after all.

Claudia, I'm not sure what the object is - it does bounce off the water cooler pretty well, doesn't it? Gotta admit it's a nice catch!
Poor guy, his co-worker just ignored him and the phone. That company obviously is not very interested in the callers or one another. No wonder he has so much time to develop alternate career skills.
well it would pass the time, I'm just off to the office. . . .
I want a job there!

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