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Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking for a pic-i- nic basket...

This beautiful bear has been hanging out in our yard for weeks off and on. He's fattening up before heading off to bed for the winter. When I head out at night, I usually mutter loudly, "Human being coming through!". Just in case he's lounging anywhere nearby. (Thanks to my neighbour Nelson, for taking this great photo. Click on it to see larger.)

fabulous picture. its a beautiful creature. I wonder how long they'll continue to live in the wid and eat passing joggers?
Lovely pic! Very handsom creatures.
He's looking pretty sleek; must be good pickings around your place, Gary.
he always was a good photographer as I recall and could run pretty fast too..

if you go out to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise.
if you go out to the woods today, you'll never believe your eyes..
Oh you're too lucky! Of course I'm sure I'd be a bit scared going out.
Great picture! I'll have to try that announcement... maybe that'll scare the bears away from my garbage can.
and he looks (she?) so cute too. You're sure you'd never be on the menu? You are certainly courageous!
Let's hope he/she goes off to sleep soon!
awww he looks so cute! and adorable! and i had a nice laugh when i read what you say out loud before heading out. lol stay safe! hope he survives the winter.
They look so cute and cuddly until someone gets mauled.
I thought I had a problem with a giant racoon. I think again.
Gentle Ben? Your neighbor is brave to get close to take a photo.
...someone gets mauled if they try to hug it like a teddy bear. be smart human and all will be well. :) but them I'm just animal obsessed. lol
It's very rare that a bear hurts a human, although it can happen. Sadly, hundreds of bears a year are killed in BC because they come into human areas (for easy food) and stick around.

This guy is sitting in a walnut tree and when you are within hearing, you can hear the nuts crack in his nice ursine teeth.
I have what I consider a healthy fear of bears. Too many hanging around the cottage and the dump area.
You are a brave soul. If I knew that dude was hanging around, I wouldn't venture out at night.

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