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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Canoe, Lake, Son...Sun

I live on Kootenay Lake, an amazing mountain lake, fed by glaciers, in southeastern British Columbia. It's 100 kilometres long and most of its shoreline is not accessible by road. Since our separation in the spring, I've been renting an old cottage-like house with lakefront access. On Thanksgiving day (October in Canada), my son and I paddled across the lake in the cool fall sunshine. This is him, in front, dreadlocks and all.

I love big cities for the stimulation, the cultural depth, the anonymity and (sometimes) the architecture - Vancouver and New York City appeal to me as North American examples. I also love the small town culture of Nelson, where I live and I love the natural world being so accessible. You?

I grew up in a small town of only 4500 inhabitants. For me that was too small. Narrow minded, ego centric, gossiping and conservative. I never really felt at home there.
Oslo where I live now sort of combine the continental big city feel with the small town air. It is a small capital and not too crowded. I can easily meet people I know by accident while shopping downtown. But I can also be anonymous to the world if I so wish.
Oslo is also surrounded by wilderness, so nature is close at hand. 20 minutes on the subway and you're on the doorstep to miles and miles of forest with lakes and wildlife. Depending on where you go, and how far you go, you can be alone with nature.
I have now lived here for 13 years, and can't see me moving for a while yet. Unless there's someone special dragging me abroad that is. To me, Oslo is the best place to live, even if it is a little expensive.
I think home is where you make it. and I like familiarity.
love the lake!
Your lake sounds wonderful!
I love everywhere!!
That picture reminds me of my sons paddling in the canoe on our lake. (Minus the dreadlocks - all three have recently had "buzz" cuts.)
I'm basically a city girl but so grateful for the opportunity to enjoy nature at the cottage.
(thanks for visiting my blog...)
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Give me either a city (with the anonymity) or isolation (Kootenay Lake sounds divine) but no small towns, thank you.

Lovely picture.

Speaking of pix, I just put up one I think you'll like quite a bit....
I'm completely at sea with this question right now. Ask me again in a year!

I love how you love your kids.
I like living *close* to a city, but far enough away to survive a nuclear accident. Twenty minutes to the beach and and 45 minutes from the city is about right.
oh man, you're making me sentimental! If there ever is a picture that can summon life in Canada for me it's being on a canoe on a lake (out of the many many)
Interesting comments, from those of you who live in big places (like Nerdine in Oslo) to Claire in her Scottish retreat.

INgrid - come by for a paddle anytime!

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