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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Express yourself for Burma (Myanmar)...

The corrupt Myanmar regime is at it again. Buddhist monks and others have been demonstrating peacefully for democracy for weeks. In the last few days the crackdown is underway. Arrests, killings, beatings and a shutdown of all communications. Here's one way to make your voice heard in Canada:
Amnesty Action for Burma.

Here is a rapidly growing international petition also.

I'm glad you've taken a stance on Burma. I'm doing my best as well. My hopes are with them.
I read Amy Tan's Saving Fish From Drowning awhile back, and Burma has been on my mind off and on since. I wish them well.
For me it was Amitav Ghosh's 'the Glass Palace' which opens with an extraordinary sentence: 'In the marketplace of Mandalay, only the 11 year-old Indian boy Rajkumar recognizes the booming sounds beyond the river as English cannon fire.' In 1885 an invasion trumped up by reason of a trade dispute led to the Buddhist king being sent into permanent exile.. and Burma into continuous chaos.

This morning I read that soldiers are refusing to fight and that some are actually protecting the demonstrators. Communications are mostly down but let's hope it's true.

btw - thanks Gary
As weary as I usually am about any "overseas" news, Burma hit the solar-plexus.
I wish we could just fly over there and stand beside these monks.
I agree with Zee above...I wish there was something we could do..thank you for blogging on it....
we have a growing community of Burmese refugees here, and after my mum started working with the refugees, a lot of them has become close friends of the family. They call my mum "pipi" which means grandmother.
I went straight to the international petition and signed it. Thank you for the link!

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