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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Madcap's Haiku Prize (for those who asked)

Some of you illustrious poets, whose names were not drawn in the recent haiku contest (it was random, honest), have asked what Madcap received as a prize.

It was a carefully selected novel, written by a friend of mine in Nelson and (I think) very tuned to Madcap's wonderful sense of place, time and land.

It is Treading Water, by Anne DeGrace. You might like it too.

Congrats Madcap - enjoy!

I shall, I'm sure!

Thanks again, Gary!
Very nice!

I missed the whole contest thing and did not see the entries either.

Haiku is a very special form though.

Good for you, Madcap.
well...that is pretty damn cool....lovely...

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