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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

11th Annual Gentlemens Cruisa Palooze

Sunset on Kootenay Lake

The Mingulay and crew

I returned Monday from four days on Kootenay Lake with ten other men. Each year we rent the Mingulay, a 55 foot steel hulled, diesel-engined beauty of a ship and hit the waves. Most of Kootenay Lake's 100 kilometre length is boat access only, so it's beautiful and private.

In addition to the tomfoolery you might expect from men in their 30s to 60s - fart jokes, drinking, testing herbal medicine, card games, fishing, hiking and jumping in the lake - we also have good conversation around the fire and learn lots about each other.

The area of BC I live in is here. Come visit sometime!

The Jedi and I will be right there. Ummm, could you send us gas money, maybe? Plane tickets? Bicycles?

The jokes, the drinking, all that I get. But the "testing herbal medicine"? Huh?

You're always going on cool trips and doing fun stuff. I think I'm going to go away and snub you for about 5 minutes just to make myself feel better.

;) So, I didn't last 5 minutes....
Hi Gary

I gather you have been doing this particular gig for many moons, but did you catch any fish?

Herbal medicine –now that sounds fishy to me !!

Best wishes
That looks like a great time!
(do tell more about the herbal medicine)
nvisible - I'll do my best! Bicycles would be fun... but slow.

Lindsay - I didn't catch a single fish this year (didn't work too hard at it though).

All three of you: herbal medicine is a euphamism for a plant one of the sailors grows in his yard.
Yes, also a cure for glaucoma. Medically necessary!

Glad you had fun! Sounds more like a pirate ship.

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