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Saturday, July 28, 2007


WHAT IT IS rocks the park last year (final act this year)

Last year's Keep the Beat

This Wednesday, August 1st, my daughter and other young people (all young women it turns out) are presenting the second KEEP THE BEAT music event in Nelson. They raise money for War Child Canada, an NGO that has projects around the world that support children affected by war.

They put on ten hours of live music in Lakeside Park, Nelson - noon to 10:00 p.m. Everyone from
Laura Landsberg (professional jazz) to Adham Shaikh (Juno nominee - world fusion). Zoey (my daughter) is doing a set of her songs early in the day. Alex Atamenenko, our NDP Member of Parliament is coming and will speak - he is very committed to social justice and peace issues.

The show is free and open to all ages. They raise the dough through donations, a silent auction and bunch of kids collecting pledges. Last year they were able to send off $6,000. Come on down and sit on the grass, take a swim, boogie your butt off - whatever appeals. And bring some cash.

P.S. If you like jazz singers, you owe it to yourself to click on the Laura link and have a listen.

Hello, Gary.
A very cool event. Wish I could make it...

War Child Canada is one of the few charities I actively support (the is no War Child USA-- go figure). Plus, I get all of my Christmas cards from them (and here's a link for anyone who might be interested in doing a bit of shopping or browsing).

I've been wanting one of those cool War Child t-shirts for awhile now, so I'll show my support by going ahead and ordering one.

Have fun!
Wish I could go to these events, we dont have a lot locally to raise awareness or to raise money for things like that.

I did however get my car washed by cheerleaders for five bucks to support something or other recently.

So, I give to what I think is importnat on my own. I just think music really has a way of staying with people, even when they leave.

Cool daughter! Doin' right, Gary, doin right!
Hey PT and Lynn - thanks for the comments. When I meet with these young women (to take my orders as I'm the adult helper)... I find myself thinking "They are going to change the world - we just need to stand back and let them go." I mean it.
Frightfully cool!

It's so heartening to see young folks concentrating their efforts to make a difference for someone else.

Go Zoey!
Rock On!!!
A remarble group of young people to whom I pass on my hearty congratulations. You must be delighted to have your daughter involved, particularly as the amounts raised represent such a splendid effort. More importantly I gather it also brings those in the community together to share a vision whilst enjoying good music and the spirit of fellowship. Best wishes
It's nice to hear of this event which sounds like a blast and a fun way to raise $ for a great cause. Wish I could come. Better yet...wish we had the same around here. Maybe I'll show this to my daughter.
I am often discouraged by the apathy but then encouraged when I see young people step up.

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