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Monday, August 13, 2007


The August 1st Keep the Beat fundraiser, organized by about a dozen 16 and 17 year old local girls was a huge success. More than 1000 people, of all ages, hit Lakeside Park in Nelson to dance, to listen to ten hours of live tunes and to donate a lot of cash. After expenses, the girls will donate more than $9,000 to War Child Canada. These young women will change the world if we let them...

Hand-painted sign hanging near the park entrance (click to see larger).

My daughter Zoey played a set of her songs, with Ben on bass, Laura helping with vocals and Nick on guitar (Zoey's at the piano). I'm biased, but it was a great set.

There was some rockin' going on later in the evening! (I don't remember all those damn bubbles though....)

I love the looks on their faces. Yes, they can change the world.
What a great example they set for kids. Things like this make me feel there is some reason for hope after all.
Mighty impressive there. It makes you think there is hope for tomorrow. Looks like a lot of fun also.
Hey bro, miss you but so darn busy. Good thing those bubbles, keep the stress away. Thx for signing our guestbook. You rock!
A little bias is ok!

Love the spunk of young people!

Wish I had more of their energy.
Thanks for visiting my photoblog. ;)
I've only been to Nelson once but I loved it - beautiful town!
Thanks all (and welcome here Yvonne - try sculpting with soup (on blogs I watch) to visit a photographer friend in the UK.

Dimitri - busy with romance and business my friend?
Congrats to Zoe and her friends. An admirable undertaking.
Bang a Gong!!! Looks like a Rockin Good Time!!!

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