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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Time to lighten up - Haiku ... and a prize

For those of you into philosophical and political straining (and learning) - go below to The Life of Brian post. Now it's time for a summer break. Haiku time. I know these are not technically pure haiku, but you purists can go to The Life of Brian too... the rest of us think of this poetry style as:
- 5 syllables
- 7 syllables
- 5 syllables

...usually with some reference to nature (not required by Withinsight).

THE THEME: 'A summer morning'

THERE IS A PRIZE. I will award it by drawing names out of my little wooden box (the one I keep arrowheads in, but that's another post).

Here's something to start you off...

Water and sky touch
Ghost mist off Kootenay Lake

Sun rays heat my brow

Birds chirp in my ear
Emerald hues cover the earth
Summer morning at best.


The shimmering lake
Jackie as a mermaid
My summer morning.

'My interesting attempt' *lol* - Vee
Lovely Vee! That's 2 entries...
Hi Gary & Vee ~ about your extraordinary Kootenay evolved Salmon.

Very nice your 2 Vee !!

Salmon were landlocked
Silver scales blushed in sunset
Adapts in rivers
God Damn American
Fundamentalist Rednecks
Kansas is like Mormons
Lindsay - you have to come and see the fall run of the Kokannee salmon! And we can recite your haiku and toast them as they fight upstream.

Bohemian - your summer morning poetry is certainly unique...
the water beckons
the blue mountain climbs away
the rock does not move
nvisible - lovely!

The diver in the photo is Dave my photo from last summer. The 11th Annual Gentlemen's Cruise A Palooza takes place in less than 2 weeks. Maybe this year I'll introduce a poetry contest (to replace the unofficial farting contest some of these aging boys seem to enjoy..)
Strange rains this summer
Scorpions have moved inside
Seeking a dry space
Fiber-- filling, then
Emptied-- on summer mornings
My bowels are moving
Laura - that's interesting, there must be a scorpion story in there somewhere...

PT - at a certain stage of life, it doesn't get any better, but I hope the experience is fulfilling in all seasons, not just summer.
LOl well this has certainly become an interesting mix!!
Here are some entries from my good friend Ruth (puns included!)...Thanks Ruth!

Here goes - there are two Nelson-specific references, one to an easy hike across the lake from town and the other to a local hip coffee joint "Oso Negro"

Sleep-walking at first
I gain rhythm and pace to
ascend Pulpit Rock

First light, grey-pink-white
Pale yellow grows golden glow
My eyes guage the hour

Warm spelt muffins and
Dandelion soy latte *
Oso nice a day

* could also be dan-de-line soy-a la-tte
Explosion of grouse
Stopped my heart altogether
Then - fast as their wings

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